Vidicode V-Tap Call Recorder ISDN BRI

Part Number: V-Tap ISDN BRI

Product features

  • For one ISDN BRI line / 2 ports
  • WiFi and Ethernet ports
  • SD card slot
  • Records all calls on both ISDN channels
  • Additional units required for each ISDN line

V-Tap Call Recorders offer a solution for distributed recording. You can start with one and seamlessly grow by adding more V Tap recorders to your network. The great advantage is that you protect your investment as your business grows.

The Vidicode V-Tap Call Recorder ISDN BRI is a small Call Recorder for one ISDN BRI line with WiFi and Ethernet ports. It is connected to an ISDN Basic rate telephone line and records all calls on both ISDN channels. Additional units are required to record more than one BRI line.

Please contact us to request a quote for Vidicode V-Tap Call Recorder ISDN BRI, we will get back to you within 1 business day.

Call recorder
- Mono recording
- Passive recording
- Optional Memory card – up to 32 GB FAT 32 formatted
- USB connectivity
- Record 2 channels
- Security with Encryption
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