Cisco is one of the main manufacturers of telecommunications and networking hardware. This multinational American technology company specialises in IP, VoIP and SIP telephones and systems. Cisco phones are user-friendly and full-featured devices that will fit your needs.

Our extensive range of Cisco products includes phones, systems, conference units but also networking and optical transmission equipment. Have a look at our catalogue and contact us to request a quote. We will be more than happy to help you find the best Cisco product for you.


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Cisco 8811
IP Phone

Part number: CP-8811-K9=

Cisco 7821
IP Phone

Part number: CP-7821-K9=

Cisco 7841
IP Phone

Part number: CP-7841-K9=

Cisco 8841
IP Phone

Part number: CP-8841-K9=

Cisco 8861
IP Phone

Part number: CP-8861-K9=

Cisco 8800/9900 series Power supply

Part number: CP-PWR-CUBE-4
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