Avaya repair list

Please see the below list of Avaya items we are able to repair, if there are additional items not showing on the list you would like repairing please contact us or call 01625 617 138.

Part numberManufacturerDescription
106705130AvayaAvaya 8410 d white
107112518AvayaAvaya 302 B Console Black
107205650AvayaAvaya 302 B Console White
10723943AvayaAvaya 8434 Black
107316960AvayaAvaya Callmaster 2 White
107797581AvayaAvaya 302 C Console Black
107797599AvayaAvaya 302 C Console White
107812380AvayaAvaya Callmaster 3 Black
107844417AvayaAvaya 8410 d black
107949364AvayaAvaya Prologics Power supply 650 A
108010554AvayaAvaya Callmaster 4 Black
108010562AvayaAvaya Callmaster 3 White
108018284AvayaAvaya 6402 Dark Grey Non Display
108019951AvayaAvaya 6416 D + Dark Grey
108163866AvayaAvaya 6416 D + White
108201377AvayaAvaya 6210 Dark Grey
108265174AvayaAvaya 6402 D Dark Grey
108265273AvayaAvaya 6424 D + Dark Grey
108459850AvayaAvaya 6220 Dark Grey
108544511AvayaAvaya XM24 Module Grey
108807546AvayaAvaya 6424 D + White
108919994AvayaAvaya Definity S8300 WHITE
108925660AvayaAvaya Callmaster 6 (needs U10)
198226AvayaAvaya DAL2 Card for s8720 media servers 198226
211331AvayaAvaya 8730 Media Server
216261AvayaAvaya s8510 midsize app216261
228992AvayaAvaya 8800 media server
263762AvayaAvaya DL360G7 Server
263764B AvayaAvaya DL360G7 Server 263764B
264192AvayaAvaya DL360G7 Server
26765AvayaAvaya DL360G7 Server 26765
270395AvayaAvaya DL120G7 server 270395
27093AvayaAvaya DL360G7 700501211 / 27093
302788AvayaAvaya R210 II XL SRVR IPO SE EXP
302848AvayaAvaya DL360PG8 SRVR AA MSG STD STRG
303518AvayaAvaya DL360PG8 SERVER
380763AvayaAvaya DL360P8
38UTN00001SAA AvayaAvaya Index DT1 Charcoal
38UTN00001SAL AvayaAvaya Index DT3 Charcoal
38UTN00001SAW AvayaAvaya Index DT4 Charcoal
38UTN00001SBG AvayaAvaya Index DT5 Charcoal
38UTN00001SBS AvayaAvaya Index TT3 turrett dark grey
38UTN00001SBX AvayaAvaya Index TT5 turrett
38UTN00001SEC AvayaAvaya Index DT6
38UTN00001SEL AvayaAvaya Index AT1 Telephone
38UTN0002UKAC AvayaAvaya 2010 Phone
38UTN0002UKAL AvayaAvaya Index 2030 Phone Dark Grey
38UTN0002UKAU AvayaAvaya 2050 Index phone Dark Grey
38UTN0002UKAY AvayaAvaya 2060 Index phone Dark Grey
38UTN0002UKBU AvayaAvaya Index 20 AT Terminal
700018534AvayaAvaya G700 Server White
700019680AvayaAvaya 6402 D White
700031271AvayaAvaya WT9620 Dect Phone Battery
700059330AvayaAvaya 4606 Telephone Dark Grey
700059371AvayaAvaya IP4612 phone dark grey
700059413AvayaAvaya IP4624 phone dark grey
700169246AvayaAvaya S8700MS Server 700169246
700184658AvayaAvaya IP403DT v1 700184658 -
700184773AvayaAvaya IP400 Phone8 v1 700184773
700184781AvayaAvaya IP400 Phone 16v1 White 700184781 -
700184799AvayaAvaya IP400 Phone 30v1 White 700184799 -
700184807AvayaAvaya IP400 DS 16v1 700184807 -
700184880AvayaAvaya IP400 DS 30v1 700184880 -
700185069AvayaAvaya IP400 Digital Terminal 30 v1 700185069 -
700185077AvayaAvaya IP400 SO8 700185077 -
700185119AvayaAvaya IP400 VCM5 card 700185119 -
700185127AvayaAvaya IP400 VCM10 card 700185127 -
700185135AvayaAvaya IP400 VCM 20
700185176AvayaAvaya IP400 PRI30 700185176 -
700185184AvayaAvaya IP400 PRI60 700185184 - ref - nb MISSING A FACEPLATE
700185606AvayaAvaya IP400 Digital Terminal 16 v1 700185606-
700210404AvayaAvaya Definity Intuity Audix LX
700210578AvayaAvaya IP403DT v1 700210578 -
700211360AvayaAvaya IP400 Analog Trunk 16 module 700211360 -
700212186AvayaAvaya IP4620 phone NON SW dark grey
700214505AvayaAvaya Definity Intuity Audix LX 4 Port Voicemail 700214505
700221138AvayaAvaya Definity mm720 Bri media module WHITE
700221146AvayaAvaya MM711 Analog Module White
700221153AvayaAvaya mm712 DCP media module white
700221161AvayaAvaya Definity MM710 T1 card white ref
700221179AvayaAvaya mm760 media module white
700221260AvayaAvaya 4602 IP Telephone Dark Grey ed
700234453AvayaAvaya IP403DS v2 CCU 700234453 -
700234461AvayaAvaya IP406v1 700234461 -
700234479AvayaAvaya IP412 DS 700234479 -
700246671AvayaAvaya 655a power supply for G650
700250731AvayaAvaya IP4630 phone
700258155AvayaAvaya assembly fan with 4 screws for G650
700258155/1 AvayaAvaya assembly fan with 7 screws for G650
700258163AvayaAvaya assembly fan 700258163 for G650
700258494AvayaAvaya 6408 D + White
700258577AvayaAvaya 6408 D + Dark Grey
700259674AvayaAvaya IP4620SW phone dark grey
700262017AvayaAvaya IP400 BRI Card 8 Channel 700262017
700262629AvayaAvaya S8500 Media Server 700262629
700272461AvayaAvaya IP400 PRI Card 30 Channel 700272461
700275704AvayaAvaya Callmaster 4 White
700276009AvayaAvaya 6416 D + M White
700276017AvayaAvaya 6416 D + M - Dark Grey
700276124AvayaAvaya 6424 D + M White ed
700276132AvayaAvaya 6424 D + M Charcoal
700280696AvayaAvaya Intuity Audix LX S3210 voicemail
700281694AvayaAvaya G350 Gateway 700281694
700281728AvayaAvaya Definity mm314 card grey
700283831AvayaAvaya 6402 Non Display White Refrub
700284961AvayaAvaya IP4620SW phone white 700284961
700293673AvayaAvaya S8700MS server 700293673
700293939AvayaAvaya IP400 VCM30 card 700293939 -
700304926AvayaAvaya 4601 IP Telephone Dark Grey
700314552AvayaAvaya DAL1 card
700315567AvayaAvaya Definity MM710 T1 card grey ref
700326416AvayaAvaya S8710 Media server
700328339AvayaAvaya S8500B Media Server
700339815AvayaAvaya 5620
700342231AvayaAvaya G250 Branch Gateway 700342231
700343502AvayaAvaya IP406 DS PRI 30 v.2 700343502
700343536AvayaAvaya IP406v2 DS 700343536 -
700345275AvayaAvaya EU24BL AOM Dark Grey ref (4621/4622/5620/5621) Refur
700347339AvayaAvaya S3400 MAS Server 700347339
700350887AvayaAvaya G250 BRI Gateway
700352438avayaavaya G150 64mb memory card
700358930AvayaAvaya S8300 Grey
700359839AvayaAvaya IP400 DS 16v2 700359839 -
700359847AvayaAvaya IP400 DS 30v2 700359847 -
700359854AvayaAvaya IP400 VCM4 card 700359854
700359870AvayaAvaya IP400 VCM16 700359870
700359888AvayaAvaya IP400 VCM24 card 700359888 -
700359896AvayaAvaya IP400 Phone8 v2 700359896
700359904AvayaAvaya IP400 Phone 16v2 White 700359904 -
700359912AvayaAvaya IP400 Phone 30v2 White 700359912 -
700359938AvayaAvaya IP400 ATM4 card 700359938 -
700381544AvayaAvaya IP4621 phone dark grey - 700381544
700381551AvayaAvaya IP4625SW phone dark grey - 700381551 -
700381569AvayaAvaya IP4622 Dark Grey 700381569
700381585AvayaAvaya 2420 Charcoal 700381585
700381627AvayaAvaya IP Office 5420 Dark Grey 700381627
700381656AvayaAvaya EU24 AOM DG Ref 700381656 (4620/2420/5420/5620)
700381726AvayaAvaya Callmaster V turrett
700381759AvayaAvaya 302 D Console Black
700381775AvayaAvaya 302 D Console White
700381817AvayaAvaya EU24 AOM DG Ref 700381817 (4620/2420/5420/5620)
700381916AvayaAvaya 4602SW IP telephone dark grey
700381932AvayaAvaya IP Office IP 5602SW 700381932 -
700381957AvayaAvaya 4610 ip Phone
700381965AvayaAvaya IP Office 5610 IP Charcoal 700381965
700381973AvayaAvaya 2402 Dark Grey 700381973
700381981AvayaAvaya IP Office 5402 Charcoal 700381981
700381999AvayaAvaya 2410 Phone 700381999
700382005AvayaAvaya IP Office 5410 Charcoal 700382005
700383144AvayaAvaya G350 Gateway 700383144
700383391AvayaAvaya 9620 ip Phone Un 1X Software 700383391
700383409AvayaAvaya 9630 ip phone 700383409
700383912AvayaAvaya 9610 ip Phone Grey 700383912
700383920AvayaAvaya 9640 ip Phone 700383920
700383938AvayaAvaya 9650 ip Phone 700383938
700385982AvayaAvaya IP Office 5621 IP charcoal 700385982 -
700393762AvayaAvaya mm721 Bri media module
700394414AvayaAvaya Definity mm312 card grey
700394661AvayaAvaya mm711 grey
700394703AvayaAvaya MM716 Anlg Media Module 24 FXS RHS
700394745AvayaAvaya MM712 DCP Media Module Grey
700394752AvayaAvaya Definity mm720 Bri media module grey 700394752
700394760AvayaAvaya MM760 Media Module Grey
700394778AvayaAvaya S8400 Card 700394778
700394810AvayaAvaya Definity S8300B Grey
700394927AvayaAvaya S8720 server
700394950AvayaAvaya G650 Media Server 700394950
700394984AvayaAvaya G700 Server Grey
700395221AvayaAvaya MM714 media module
700395239AvayaAvaya Definity mm722 Bri Media card
700396617AvayaAvaya 2490 Conference - no psu
700396807AvayaAvaya S8500C Media Server
700397029AvayaAvaya G250 Gateway Analogue 700397029
700397078AvayaAvaya G350 Gateway 700397078
700397110AvayaAvaya Definity MM316 card grey
700397128AvayaAvaya MM340 WAN ROUTING MEDIA MODULE
700397326AvayaAvaya Cajun C364T PWR
700402837AvayaAvaya S3500 MAS Server 700402837
700402852AvayaAvaya S3500 MSS High availabilty 700402852
700403819AvayaAvaya S3500 MSS High availabilty 700403819
700405004AvayaAvaya Server Management Card for S8500 700405004
700405673AvayaAvaya 9630G ip Phone ed 700405673
700407802AvayaAvaya G450 Server with MP80 PSU 700407802
700409717AvayaAvaya Midspan Power 24p SNMP 1152A1 - 700409717
700409718AvayaAvaya Midspan Power Supply 24 pt w/SNMP 1152B2
700411168AvayaAvaya 4690 IP Conference no psu's
700415110AvayaAvaya WT9620 Dect Phone
700415540AvayaAvaya 1603 IP Phone Dark Grey 700415540
700415573AvayaAvaya 1600 AOM (32 button) 700415573 BM32
700417207AvayaAvaya IP500v1 CCU 700417207 -
700417215AvayaAvaya IP500 Legacy Card Carrier 700417215
700417231AvayaAvaya IP500 ext. card Phone 8 700417231 -
700417330AvayaAvaya IP500 DS8
700417389AvayaAvaya IP500 VCM 32 module 700417389
700417397AvayaAvaya IP500 VCM 64 module 700417397
700417405AvayaAvaya IP500 Analog Trunk 4 700417405
700417413AvayaAvaya IP500 Trunk BRI 4 700417413
700417421AvayaAvaya IP500 Trunk BRI 8 700417421
700417439AvayaAvaya IP500 Single PRI Trunk Card 700417439
700417462AvayaAvaya IP500 Dual PRI Trunk Card 700417462 -
700419195AvayaAvaya 9640G ip Phone 700419195
700426026AvayaAvaya 4610 IP (One X software) Quick Edition
700426216AvayaAvaya IP500 DS 30 extn module 700426216
700426224AvayaAvaya IP500 exp. module phone 30 700426224 -
700426711AvayaAvaya 9620 ip Phone 700426711
700426729AvayaAvaya 9630 ip Phone 700426729
700426737AvayaAvaya SBM24 for the 9000 series 700426737 Ref
700430408AvayaAvaya Wireless IP 3641 Wireless Telephone 700430408
700431778AvayaAvaya IP500 ext. card phone 2 700431778
700432487AvayaAvaya G450 Server with MP20 PSU 700432487
700432495AvayaAvaya MB450
700432503AvayaAvaya 80 CH DSP Daughterboard 700432503
700432511AvayaAvaya 20ch DSP Daughter Board for G450 700432511
700432529AvayaAvaya PSU for G450 700432529
700438278AvayaAvaya Fan Tray for G450
700439565AvayaAvaya TN8400 Card
700445976AvayaAvaya 1608 IP Phone Dark Grey 700445976
700446560AvayaAvaya DL385 Server 700446560
700448558AvayaAvaya S8510
700449473AvayaAvaya IP500 Mod. Anlg. Trk16 700449473
700449499AvayaAvaya IP500 DS 16 extn module 700449499
700449507AvayaAvaya IP500 Exp. Mod. phone 16 700449507
700450190AvayaAvaya 1616 IP Phone Dark Grey 700450190
700458508AvayaAvaya 1603SW IP Phone
700458524AvayaAvaya 1603SWi IP Phone Black 700458524
700458532AvayaAvaya 1608i IP Dark Grey 700458532
700458540AvayaAvaya 1616i IP Phone 700458540 (English/ICON)
700459456AvayaAvaya G450 MP80 W/POWER SUPPLY NON-GSA
700460215AvayaAvaya 9670G ip Phone 700460215
700460538AvayaAvaya EM200 Branch Expansion Unit 700460538
700460660AvayaAvaya 10ch DSP Daughterboard 700460660
700461114AvayaAvaya S8730
700461197AvayaAvaya 9620L ip Phone 700461197
700461205AvayaAvaya 9620C 700461205
700461213AvayaAvaya 9650C ip Phone 700461213
700462518AvayaAvaya SBM24 for the 9000 Series 700462518
700463532AvayaAvaya S8300D server 700463532
700466006AvayaAvaya Definity S8300C Media Server
700466105AvayaAvaya IP DECT 3720 Handset
700466139AvayaAvaya 3725 IP DECT Telephone
700466618AvayaAvaya MM714B ANLG 4+4 MEDIA MOD
700466626AvayaAvaya MM711 ANLG MEDIA MODULE - NON GSA
700466634AvayaAvaya mm710b E1/T1 media module non-gsa
700466642AvayaAvaya MM716 ANLG MEDIA MOD 24FXS - NON GSA
700469851AvayaAvaya 1408 Phone 700469851
700469869AvayaAvaya 1416 Phone Ref 700469869
700469927AvayaAvaya 1403 Phone 700469927
700469968AvayaAvaya 1400 AOM DBM32 Button Module 700469968
700472343AvayaAvaya G650 Media Server no power
700473689AvayaAvaya 1692IP POE Conference Unit 700473689
700476005AvayaAvaya IP500v2 CCU 700476005
700476013AvayaAvaya IP500 Combo Card ATM 700476013
700476021AvayaAvaya IP500 Combo Bri4 700476021
700476385AvayaAvaya 20ch DSP Daughter Board for G450 700476385
700476393AvayaAvaya G430 Media Gateway 700476393
700476849AvayaAvaya 1603i IP Phone Black 700476849
700478084AvayaAvaya 8800 media server 700478084
700478494AvayaAvaya 8800 media server cm5.2.1
700478498AvayaAvaya 8800 media server AES 700478498
700478506AvayaAvaya 8800 media server 700478506
700478522AvayaAvaya 8800 media server 700478522
700478522R AvayaAvaya 8800 media server
700478589AvayaAvaya S8800 SMGR 1U SERVER
700478605AvayaAvaya S8800 Server
700478613AvayaAvaya S8800 MAS server
700480585AvayaAvaya 9608 ip Phone 700480585
700480593AvayaAvaya 9611G ip Phone 700480593
700480601AvayaAvaya 9621G ip Phone 700480601
700480627AvayaAvaya 9641G ip Phone 700480627
700480643AvayaAvaya Button Module BM12 700480643
700500206AvayaAvaya 9504 Phone 700500206
700500207AvayaAvaya 9508 Phone 700500207
700500254AvayaAvaya 9601 700500254
700500416AvayaAvaya 8800 media server SES 700500416
700500698AvayaAvaya IP500 DS30a 700500698
700500699AvayaAvaya IP500 EXP MOD DS16A DGTL ST 700500699
700500758AvayaAvaya IP500 exten card TCM8 STA 8 700500758
700501048AvayaAvaya MM717 24 port DCP Media Module RHS
700501084AvayaAvaya R610 Server
700501090C AvayaAvaya DL360G7 Hi Duplex Server
700501092AvayaAvaya 700501092 DL360G7 SRVR 2CPU MID3 SM
700501093AvayaAvaya DL360G7 Server 2CPU MID4
700501093B AvayaAvaya 700501093B DL360G7
700501102B AvayaAvaya 700501102B DL360G7
700501368AvayaAvaya 160ch DSP Daughter Board for G450
700501431AvayaAvaya 9641G ip phone TAA version
700501530AvayaAvaya B159 conf. unit 700501530
700501532AvayaAvaya B179 conf. unit 700501532
700501533AvayaAvaya B149 conf. unit 700501533
700501585AvayaAvaya IP500 DS16B RJ45
700501586AvayaAvaya IP500 DS30B 700501586
700502596AvayaAvaya R610 Server 700502596
700503164AvayaAvaya IP500 trunk analog ATM4 v2 700503164
700503700AvayaAvaya B189 Conference Unit 700503700
700504031AvayaAvaya IP500 VCM 32 v2 module 700504031
700504032AvayaAvaya VCM 64 v2 - 700504032
700504556AvayaAvaya IPO IP500v2 COMBO CARD ATM V2
700504740AvayaAvaya B179 unit 700504740
700504841AvayaAvaya 1408 phone 700504841
700504842AvayaAvaya 9508 Dig Phone for IPO ICON Only
700504843AvayaAvaya 1616i IP phone 700504843 (ICON Only)
700504844AvayaAvaya 9608 Global ip Phone 700504844
700504845AvayaAvaya 9611G ip Phone 700504845
700505132AvayaAvaya DL360PG8 Server
700505182AvayaAvaya DL360 G7 Rel 6.2 Server
700505197AvayaAvaya R210 II SRVR ASBCE CORE
700505424AvayaAvaya 9608G Gigabit IP Phone 700505424
700505992AvayaAvaya 9641GS ip phone
700506209AvayaAvaya IP Phone 9650 700506209
700506514AvayaAvaya 9621g ip phone 700506514
700506517AvayaAvaya 9641g ip phone 700506517
700506770AvayaAvaya DL360PG8 460 WAC PWR SUP
700506956AvayaAvaya G450 MP160 - non GSA
700506958AvayaAvaya G430 MP120 MEDIA GATEWAY NON GSA
700508194AvayaAvaya 1416 Phone 700508194
700508197AvayaAvaya 9504 Phone 700508197
700508199AvayaAvaya 160ch DSP Daughter Board for G450 700508199
700508260AvayaAvaya 1608i IP Dark Grey ICON 700508260
700508892AvayaAvaya B169 Conference Phone Euro
700508893AvayaAvaya B169 Conference Phone
700508955AvayaAvaya S8300E server - non GSA 700508955
AL1001A02E5 AvayaAvaya AL1001A02E5 - Nortel 5510-24T
AL1001A12-E5 AvayaAvaya Ethernet Routing Switch 5698TFD with 96 10/100/1000 ports
AL1001A13E5 AvayaAvaya AL1001A13E5 - ERS 5650TD-PWR W/ 48 GETH 2PT 10GB
AL1001C07E5 AvayaAvaya AL1001C07E5 - 5530-24TFD
AL1001C15-E5 AvayaAvaya AL1001C15-E5 5632FD
AL1905C02-E6 AvayaAvaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3549GTS
AL2018026-E6 AvayaAvaya Ethernet Routing Switch 5600 family 10-f
AL4500A15-E6 AvayaAvaya Ethernet Routiing Switch
AL4500B16-E6 AvayaAvaya 4526GTX-PWR Ethernet Routing Switch
AL4500E16-E6 AvayaAvaya 4526GTX-PWR Ethernet Routing Switch
AL4800B88 AvayaAvaya ERS 4850GTS-PWR+ EU PC
NTYS19AB70E6 AvayaAvaya 1220 ip phone NTYS19
NTYS22AB70E6 AvayaAvaya 1200 series 12 key NTYS22AB70E6
S3210R AvayaAvaya Definity Intuity S3210R
TN1648 AvayaAvaya TN1648
TN1648B AvayaAvaya TN1648B
TN1650B AvayaAvaya TN1650 B
TN1654 AvayaAvaya TN1654
TN1655 AvayaAvaya TN1655
TN1657 AvayaAvaya TN1657
TN1659B AvayaAvaya TN1659B
TN2147C AvayaAvaya Definity TN 2147C
TN2181 AvayaAvaya Definity TN2181 card 16 Port
TN2182B AvayaAvaya Definity TN 2182B
TN2182C AvayaAvaya TN2182C
TN2183 AvayaAvaya Definity TN2183 card ana
TN2185 AvayaAvaya TN2185 ISDN2 BRI Card
TN2198 AvayaAvaya Definity TN2198 Card
TN2208 AvayaAvaya Definity TN2208
TN2211 AvayaAvaya Definity TN2211 optical drive
TN2214 AvayaAvaya TN2214
TN2214B AvayaAvaya TN2214 B
TN2214CP AvayaAvaya TN2214 CP
TN2215 AvayaAvaya Definity TN2215 card
TN2224 AvayaAvaya TN2224
TN2224CP AvayaAvaya TN2224CP
TN2301 AvayaAvaya Definity TN2301 Card
TN2302AP AvayaAvaya TN2302 AP media
TN2312AP AvayaAvaya TN2312 AP Ipsi Card
TN2312BP AvayaAvaya TN2312BP ipsi2 195250
TN2313AP AvayaAvaya TN2313AP
TN2314 AvayaAvaya TN2314 IP600 Processor
TN2400 AvayaAvaya Definity TN2400
TN2401 AvayaAvaya TN2401
TN2402 AvayaAvaya TN2402 Processor
TN2404 AvayaAvaya Definity TN2404
TN2464 AvayaAvaya TN2464
TN2464BP AvayaAvaya TN2464BP
TN2464CP AvayaAvaya TN2464 CP
TN2501AP AvayaAvaya Definity TN2501AP Ref
TN2515AvayaAvaya Definity TN2515
TN2602AP AvayaAvaya Definity TN2602 AP medpro
TN2793 AvayaAvaya Definity TN2793 24 port analouge
TN464E AvayaAvaya TN464 E
TN464F AvayaAvaya TN464 F
TN464GP AvayaAvaya Definity TN464GP
TN464HP AvayaAvaya Definity TN464HP
TN465C AvayaAvaya Definity TN465C trunk
TN468B AvayaAvaya TN468 B
TN556C AvayaAvaya Definity TN556C
TN556D AvayaAvaya Definity TN556D
TN566B AvayaAvaya Definity TN566B fat audix
TN567 AvayaAvaya TN567 audix card
TN568 AvayaAvaya Definity TN568 card Audix Slim
TN570B AvayaAvaya Definity TN570 B card
TN570C AvayaAvaya Definity TN570 C card
TN570D AvayaAvaya TN570D
TN572 AvayaAvaya TN572 Switch Node Clock
TN573 AvayaAvaya TN573
TN744C AvayaAvaya Definity TN744C Card
TN744D AvayaAvaya Definity TN744D
TN744E AvayaAvaya Definity TN744E
TN744FP AvayaAvaya Definity TN744FP Card
TN746B AvayaAvaya Definity TN746B analog T/R
TN747B AvayaAvaya TN747B card
TN750C AvayaAvaya Definity TN 750C
TN754B AvayaAvaya Definity TN754B
TN755D AvayaAvaya TN755 d
TN760E AvayaAvaya Definity TN760E
TN763D AvayaAvaya Definity TN 763 D
TN765 AvayaAvaya Definity TN765
TN771D AvayaAvaya Definity TN771D
TN771DP AvayaAvaya Definity TN771 DP
TN775B AvayaAvaya Definity TN 775B
TN775C AvayaAvaya TN775C
TN775D AvayaAvaya TN775D
TN777B AvayaAvaya TN777B Card
TN778 AvayaAvaya Definity TN 778
TN780 AvayaAvaya Definity TN 780 Card
TN786B AvayaAvaya Definity TN786B
TN790 AvayaAvaya Definity TN 790
TN790B AvayaAvaya Definity TN 790B
TN791 AvayaAvaya TN791 card
TN792 AvayaAvaya Definity TN 792
TN793 AvayaAvaya TN793 24 Port Analouge card
TN793B AvayaAvaya TN793B 24 Port Analouge card
TN793CP AvayaAvaya TN793CP 24 Port Analouge card
TN794 AvayaAvaya Definity TN794
TN795 AvayaAvaya Definity TN 795 Processor
TN798 AvayaAvaya TN 798
TN798B AvayaAvaya TN798B processor V4
TN799 AvayaAvaya Definity TN 799
TN799B AvayaAvaya Definity TN 799B C - Lan
TN799C AvayaAvaya Definity TN 799C C - Lan
TN799DP AvayaAvaya Definity TN 799DP C - Lan
TN801B AvayaAvaya TN801B
TN802B AvayaAvaya TN802 B with flash card
TN8412AP AvayaAvaya TN8412AP
TNCCSC-1 AvayaAvaya Definity TNCCSC-1 Dass Converter Card
TNCCSC-2 AvayaAvaya Definity TN CCSC-2 Dpnss Convertor Card
UN330B AvayaAvaya UN330B
UN331B AvayaAvaya UN331B
UN331C AvayaAvaya UN331C
UN332B AvayaAvaya UN332 B
UN332C AvayaAvaya UN332C
WL81AE206E6 AvayaAvaya WLAN AP8120E
WL81AP206E6 AvayaAvaya WLAN AP 8120 - 802.11a/b/g/n

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