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Looking to sell your unwanted equipment? We buy back your legacy hardware!

We can offer you cash or credit for it, we mean it no catches straight swap!

Whilst we strive to help you extend the life of your communications equipment, we’re more than happy to take your unwanted equipment off your hands. With our asset recovery service, make the best of your old equipment! This is a fantastic return on investment (ROI) as it delivers income against fully depreciated assets that can be used to offset the cost of new purchases, which is music to the ears of any Finance Executive.

It’s also highly supportive of any environmental initiative you may be operating or working towards as it shows you to be recycling your old electrical equipment, effectively handing over all responsibility for recycling to Ghekko.All of your equipment will be wiped as we understand the importance of safeguarding your private information.

For further information about how you can maximise the ROI on your old equipment don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Equipment Wanted
Equipment Wanted
Ghekko are always in the market to buy back your old telecom equipment. We purchase phones, systems, cards, headsets, networking hardware from any manufacturers. You can find below the list of items we are particularly interested in. However if you have any other excess parts not listed here don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward hearing from you.
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