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When it comes to telephone systems, we are experts! We operate in the telecom market since 1992 and have an extensive knowledge of the industry and the equipment. We offer high-quality telephone systems and various technical services to help you to set up and maintain your equipment.

Whether you are looking for a PBX or VoIP system, Ghekko can get it for you. We stock telephone systems from all the main manufacturers including Avaya, Cisco, Nortel…

We also offer repair services for your current and old equipment. Our technology centre in Belfast is staffed by engineers and technicians specialised in phone systems repair!

Please take a look at our extensive range of phone systems and don’t hesitate to contact us to request a quote or just to get more information on all the products we supply and the services we offer.

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Avaya IP400

ghekko phone systems supplier - avaya IP400 series

Avaya IP500

ghekko avaya IP500 phone systems

Avaya Definity

ghekko supply avaya definity phone systems

Avaya Media Gateway

ghekko supply avaya Media gateway phone systems

Avaya Media Server

ghekko phone systems supplier - avaya media server

Nortel BCM

ghekko supply nortel bcm phone systems

Nortel Norstar

ghekko Nortel Norstar phone systems

Nortel Meridian

ghekko phone systems supplier - Nortel meridian

Nortel CS1000

ghekko supply Nortel CS1000 phone systems

Nortel Passport

ghekk phone systems supplier Nortel passport

Nortel Optera

ghekko Nortel optera phone systems supply

E-Metrotel UCX20

ghekko - E-metrotel UCX20 phone system supplier

E-Metrotel UCX50E

ghekko E-metrotel UCX20 phone system supplier

E-Metrotel UCX250

E-metrotel UCX250 - ghekko phone systems supplier

Nortel UCX450

ghekko E-metrotel phone systems repair and supply - UCX450

Nortel UCX1000

ghekko phone systems supplier - E-metrotel UCX1000

Nortel UCX3000G

Ghekko supply and repair E-metrotel UCX3000G phone system
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