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Ghekko offers an extensive range of office phones including IP, SIP and digital telephones suitable for all sized businesses.

Desk phones come in different shapes and sizes. We appreciate that each business has very different needs, that’s why we offer a wide range of office phones from all the leading manufacturers such as Avaya, Cisco, Polycom, Mitel and many others. They offer different functionalities such as call transfer, headset port …

We sell both new and refurbished office phones.

We will assist you and help you with your research. Contact us!

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Avaya 9608 Global IP Phone

Part number: 700504844
Monochrome display
4 softkeys
8 buttons with dual LEDs (red, green)
Integrated Ethernet interface

Polycom VVX 410 VoIP Phone

Part number: 2200-46162-025
Backlit 3.5 in color LCD
12 lines (programmable line keys)
Supports compatible USB headsets
Power Over Ethernet

Avaya J179 IP Phone

Ghekko phones supplier - Avaya J179
Part number: 700505424
8-line phone
3.5” color display
4 Context Sensitive Soft Keys
24 administrative buttons

Cisco 8841 IP Phone

Part number: CP-8841-K9=
4 Soft Keys
Ergonomic design
High-resolution color display
Full-duplex speakerphone

Nortel 1120E IP Phone

Part number: NTYS03AAE6
240 x 80 High-resolution backlit display
4-line/programmable feature keys
14 fixed keys
4 soft-label keys

Avaya 9641GS IP Phone

Part number: 700505992
Color display 5” diagonal / Touch screen
Configurable line feature key buttons
4 position adjustable tilt display
24 administrative buttons

Cisco IP 8811 IP Phone

Part number: CP-8811-K9=
High res 5" widescreen grayscale display
5 Programmable lines keys
5-Way navigation key
Full duplex wideband audio

Avaya 1608i IP Phone

Part number: 700508260
High quality full duplex conference phone
Backlit 3 line by 24 character display
8 line appearances/feature keys
4-way navigation cluster

Cisco IP Phone 7821

Part number: CP-7821-K9=
Ergonomic design
4 Context-Sensitive Soft Keys
White backlit, greyscale, 3.5”
Wide-band Audio

Mitel 5330E IP Phone

Part number: 50006476
Large backlit graphics display
Dual integrated gigabit Ethernet ports
24 Programmable self-labeling keys
12 fixed function keys

Cisco IP Phone 7841

Part number: CP-7841-K9=
High resolution LCD display
4x Line & feature keys for fast access
Wideband audio
Full duplex speakerphone

Avaya 9611G IP Phone

Part number: 700504845
Colour display
8 buttons with dual LEDs
24 administrative buttons
Power Over Ethernet

Cisco 8861 IP

Part number: CP-8861-K9=
Graphical color display
Wideband-capable audio handset
Full-duplex speakerphone
Two USB ports

Mitel 5320 IP

Part number: 50006191
Large graphics display
8 programmable self-labeling keys
12 fixed function keys
Handsfree speakerphone operation

Polycom VVX 311 IP Phone

Part number: 2200-48350-025
3.2 in Backlit Grayscale graphical LCD
6 lines
Local 3-way audio conferencing
Power Over Ethernet
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