Avaya Buyback

Do you have telecom equipment that is no longer being used?

If you want to sell your used Avaya phones and systems, you came to the right place!

At Ghekko, we buy used Avaya equipment!Whether you want to upgrade your phone system or just get some new equipment, you can make the most out of your oldphones by selling them to us. We can offer cash or credit for your old Avaya phones. We will be more than happy to take your used Avaya equipment off your hands!

We are particularly interested in servers, media modulesphone systems and used Avaya IP phones such the 9600, 1600 and J series but would consider any item. If you have old phones to sell, get in touch!

We also buy back items from the following manufacturers: Cisco, Polycom, Mitel, Ciena, Nortel and many more.


Request a buyback for your old Avaya phones and systems

If you wish to sell Avaya phones or any other used telecom equipment, please fill in the form below to request a free buyback quote. We will get back to you within 24h with an offer and will arrange for the goods to be collected. Please give us as much information as possible on your used Avaya equipment (quantity, pick up location, model…) so we can provide the most accurate quote as fast as possible.

    Please attach here any picture of your equipment


    Why you should sell your used Avaya equipment to us?

    It’s not because your equipment has been used that you should be throwing it away. At Ghekko, we buy used telecom equipment and we refurbish all sorts of office phones and give them a second life!
    This initiative is environmentally friendly as old Avaya equipment is re-used instead of being thrown away or new equipment being manufactured. We have several labs across the world and OEM-trained engineers that ensure our refurbished equipment is as good as new!
    Financially speaking, it’s a great opportunity to make the best of your used telecom assets!

    We are always happy to take a look at your list of equipment and send you an offer. We will sort everything out for you and arrange collection!

    Avaya 9608G IP Phone

    Ghekko supply and buy Avaya 9608g IP Phone
    Part number: 700505424

    Avaya 9641G IP Phone

    ghekko - Avaya 9641g IP Phone
    Part number: 700501431

    Avaya 9621G IP Phone

    Ghekko avaya supplier - 9621G IP Phone
    Part Number: 700506514

    Avaya 1608i IP Phone

    Ghekko - Avaya 1608i IP Phone
    Part Number: 700458532

    Avaya J169 IP Phone

    Ghekko supply and repair Avaya j169 IP Phone
    Part Number: 700513634

    Avaya S8300E Server

    Ghekko Avaya buyback - s8300e server
    Part number: 700508955

    Avaya MM716 Analogue Media Module 24

    Ghekko supply and buy avaya MM716 Analogue Media Module 24
    Part number: 700394703

    Avaya G430 Media Gateway

    Ghekko - avaya g430 media gateway
    Part number: 700469273

    Avaya G450

    Ghekko avaya supplier - g450 server
    Part number: 700407802
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