Cisco Repair List

Please see the below list of Cisco items we are able to repair, if there are additional items not showing on the list you would like repairing please contact us or call 01625 617 138.

Part numberManufacturerDescription
2851-HSEC/K9 CiscoCisco 2851-HSEC/K9
47-15494-01CiscoCisco 3700 Series
47-3205-05CiscoCisco 3620 Server
CP=8861-K9=CiscoCisco CP-8861-K9=
CP-3905= CiscoCisco Unified SIP Phone 3905, Charcoal, Standard Handset
CP-6901-C-K9 CiscoCisco 6901-C-K9 Charcoal
CP-6901-WL-K9= CiscoCisco CP-6901-WL-K9=
CP-6911-C-K9CISCOCISCO CP-6911-C-K9 Black
CP-6921-C-K9 CiscoCisco 6921-C-K9 Charcoal
CP-6941-C-K9 CiscoCisco CP-6941-C K9 Black
CP-6941-CL-K9 CiscoCisco CP-6941-CL-K9 Black
CP-6945-C-K9 CiscoCisco 6945-C-K9 Charcoal
CP-6945-CL-K9= CiscoCisco 6945-CL-K9 Charcoal
CP-6961-C-K9 CiscoCisco IP 6961
CP-6961-W-K9 CiscoCisco IP 6961 White
CP-7811-K9 CiscoCisco CP-7811 ip phone
CP-7821-K9= CiscoCisco 7821-K9
CP-7841-K9= CiscoCisco 7841-K9
CP-7861-K9=CiscoCisco 7861-K9
CP-7902 CiscoCisco 7902
CP-7905G CiscoCisco 7905G IP Phone
CP-7906 CiscoCisco 7906 IP Phone
CP-7910G CiscoCisco 7910G IP phone
CP-7911G CiscoCisco CP-7911G IP Phone
CP-7912G CiscoCisco 7912G IP phone Ref
CP-7914 CiscoCisco 7914 add on module
CP-7915 CiscoCisco 7915 add on module
CP-7916 CiscoCisco 7916 add on
CP-7921 CiscoCisco 7921 handset only
CP-7925CiscoCisco 7925 handset only
CP-7931G CiscoCisco 7931 G CP- 7931G
CP-7935 CiscoCisco 7935 conference phone
CP-7936 CiscoCisco 7936 Conf phone without PSU
CP-7937 CiscoCisco CP 7937 Conf phone
CP-7940 CiscoCisco 7940 IP Phone
CP-7940G CiscoCisco 7940G IP Phone
CP-7941G CiscoCisco 7941G IP phone
CP-7941G-GE CiscoCisco 7941G-GE
CP-7942G CiscoCisco 7942G IP phone
CP-7945G CiscoCisco 7945G IP Phone
CP-7960 CiscoCisco 7960 IP Phone
CP-7960G CiscoCisco 7960G IP Phone
CP-7960G-GE CiscoCisco 7960G-GE IP Phone
CP-7961G CiscoCisco 7961G IP Phone
CP-7961G-GE CiscoCisco 7961G-GE IP Phone
CP-7962 CiscoCisco 7962 IP Phone
CP-7965G CiscoCisco 7965g
CP-7970 CiscoCisco 7970 colour phone
CP-7970G CiscoCisco 7970G phone
CP-7971G CiscoCisco CP-7971G
CP-7975G CiscoCisco 7975g
CP-7985 CiscoCisco 7985 Video Phone PAL
CP-8811-K9=CiscoCisco CP-8811-K9=
CP-8831-EU-K9= CiscoCisco 8831 Base/control panel for APAC,EMEA @ Australia
CP-8841-K9=CiscoCisco CP-8841
CP-8845-K9=CiscoCisco CP-8845-K9 ip phone
CP-8851-K9= CiscoCisco CP-8851-K9=
CP-8861-K9=ACiscoCisco CP-8861-K9
CP-8865-K9= CiscoCisco CP-8865-K9 ip phone
CP-8941-C-K9CiscoCisco 8941 UC Phone Charcoal CP-8941-C-K9
CP-8945-K9= CiscoCisco 8945 Unified Phone
CP-8961-C-K9 CiscoCisco 8961 UC Phone Charcoal CP-8961-C-K9
CP-8961-CL-K9 CiscoCisco 8961 UC Phone Charcoal CP-8961-CL-K9 Slimline
CP-9951-C-CAM-K9 CiscoCisco 9951 IP Phone charcoal CP-9951-C-CAM-K9
CP-9971-C-CAM-K9 CiscoCisco CP-9971-C-CAM-K9
CP-9971-C-K9 CiscoCisco 9971 Phone (with out camera)
CP-BEKEM CiscoCisco IP phone 8800 key expansion module
CP-CKEM-C= CiscoCisco CP-CKEM-C Dark Grey Expansion Module for 9971, 995, 8961
SPA122 CiscoCisco SPA122, 2 port Analogue to IP adaptor
SPA301CiscoCisco SPA301 IP Phone
SPA302 CiscoCisco SPA302 IP Phone
SPA303-G2 CiscoCisco SPA303-G2
SPA501G CiscoCisco SPA 501G 8 Line Ip Phone
SPA502G CiscoCisco SPA 502G ip phone 1 line poe
SPA504G CiscoCisco SPA 504G
SPA508G CiscoCisco SPA508G
SPA509G CiscoCisco SPA 509G
SPA512GCiscoCisco SPA512G 1-Line GigE IP Phone
SPA514G CiscoCisco SPA514G
SPA525G2 CiscoCisco SPA 525G2 5 Line IP Colour Phone
SPA942 CiscoCisco SPA 942

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