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At Ghekko, we don’t only supply your communications equipment, we keep it up and running. We offer an extensive range of technical services in order to help you and facilitate the process of acquisition, deployment and maintenance of your telephone systems and networks.

When it comes to communications hardware, we are experts. Our engineers, technicians and sales team are specialists. Our extensive knowledge of the telecom industry is our best asset to give you the best advice.

You can find below a list of all our services. Please get in touch for more information.

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telecom & optical equipment staging and configuration

BUILD - Staging & configuration

Ghekko maintenance telecom equipment

OPERATE - Managed services

REMOVE - Decommissioning

ghekko telecom asset disposal

RECYCLE - Asset disposal

ghekko telecom supplier global distribution

Global distribution

Telecom & optical equipment research and development

INNOVATE - Research & Development

ghekko refurbished phones & optical hardware

SECOND LIFE - Refurbished equipment

We specialise in refurbished telecom equipment. All refurbished phones and systems we supply went through a stringent process of repair and refurbishment. We don't only make it look like new, we make sure it is like new inside out!
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