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Ghekko offers a full range of high-quality refurbished voice and data equipment, as well as repair and refurbishing services. Our portfolio of refurbished equipment includes Avaya, Cisco, Ciena, Polycom, Mitel, and Nortel products alongside most major manufacturers.

We’ve been offering remanufacturing services since 1991 and were Nortel’s remanufacturing partner for Europe until 2010. Our attention to detail is second to none and we’ve converted many customers who have always refused to buy remanufactured products as soon as we’ve sent them a sample.

It’s not enough that our products provide tremendous financial savings to our customers, we believe they must be as good as new. They truly are a great alternative to new equipment. We’re so confident in the quality of the products we refurbish in-house that we offer a 1-year warranty with all our products.

At Ghekko, we make it our mission to supply refurbished equipment of the best quality. Our technology labs are run by experienced OEM-trained engineers and technicians who ensure our strict refurbishing processes are adhered to in order to provide finished products as close to new as possible but at a much more affordable price.

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Our process

Refurbished products aren’t all the same. At Ghekko, we make it our mission to supply refurbished equipment of the best quality. Our labs and technology centre are run by experienced engineers and technicians who ensure our stringent process of refurbishment is respected in order to provide a product as good as new but at a better price. All products are thoroughly tested, cleaned, repaired and remanufactured. These products are great value for the consumers as they save you money and are environmentally friendly.
Ghekko - as good as new refurb products

1 - Testing & grading

The used product is thoroughly inspected, tested and graded by our engineers and technicians.
Ghekko - repair process and refurb equipment

2 - Repair & refurbishment

The product goes to workshop. Our technicians change all plastic parts and all failing components including screens, power boards and LAN filters.
Ghekko - Refurbishment

3 - Recycle

All plastics are recycled.
Ghekko - High quality refurbishment process

4 - Resetting

Once the unit is fully functioning and operational, we factory reset and load firmware, either latest or according to the customer’s requests.
Ghekko - Test and refurbishment

5 - Testing

After having been repaired, the unit goes through another testing phase. Our engineers and technicians ensure that it is perfectly functional at all level.
Ghekko - New and refurb equipment

6 - Cleaning

At Ghekko, we don't only refurbish, we make it look as good as new. Before it leaves our labs, the product is thoroughly cleaned.
Ghekko - Qualitative refurbishment

7 - Quality inspection

We inspect that all repairs have been perfectly conducted and that the product meets our quality standards.
Ghekko - Refurb products

8 - Packaging & warranty

Units are securely packed with user guides and security marked for warranty purposes as we are so confident of the product we cover it with a 12 month warranty.
Ghekko - Refurbishment process

9 - Shipping

Goods are now ready to be shipped to there new home in boxes that have mac and serial numbers on the box for easy scanning and deployment.
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