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Looking to repair Nortel equipment? Ghekko can help! We were Nortel’s remanufacturing partner for Europe until 2010 which enables us to have an extensive knowledge of the equipment and technologies. Our engineers have been trained by Nortel and their attention to detail is remarkable. We know Nortel equipment inside out and offer repair services for any Nortel product including phones, systems and optical transmission hardware.

We can repair most Nortel parts, from the main phones including the 1100 and 1200 IP series to the full range of optical hardware such as Optical Metro 4000 and 5000 series, Passport 7000 series and Optera series.

You have some Nortel Meridian products needing to be repaired? At Ghekko, we will be more than happy to help you with these products too!

Please see the below list of Nortel items we are able to repair, if there are additional items not showing on the list you would like repairing please contact us or call 01625 617 138.

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    Our repair list

    Part numberManufacturerDescription 
    22948900NortelNortel 8001 AC Power SupplyRequest a repair
    25UJU00750GXGNortelNortel 25UJU00750GXGRequest a repair
    25UJU00750GXRNortelNortel 25UJU00750GXRRequest a repair
    25UJU00750HVTNortelNortel 25UJU00750HVTRequest a repair
    25UPW00750HAYNortelNortel 25UPW00750HAYRequest a repair
    25UTM00750GWANortelNortel 25UTM00750GWARequest a repair
    25UTM00750HWFNortelNortel 25UTM00750HWFRequest a repair
    314464-ANortelNortel Passport DC Power SupplyRequest a repair
    324009-ANortelNortel Passport 8600 Fan Units PWB P/NRequest a repair
    A0198586NortelNortel A0198586Request a repair
    AA1403001-E5NortelNortel AA1403001-E5 XFPRequest a repair
    AA1403005-E5NortelNortel AA1403005-E5 Transceiver ModuleRequest a repair
    AA1419001-E5NortelNortel AA1419001-E5 Transceiver ModuleRequest a repair
    AA1419013-E5NortelNortel AA1419013-E5 Transceiver ModuleRequest a repair
    AA1419015-E5NortelNortel AA1419015-E5 Transceiver ModuleRequest a repair
    AA1419034-E5NortelNortel AA1419034-E5 Transceiver ModuleRequest a repair
    AA1419036-E5NortelNortel AA1419036-E5 Transceiver ModuleRequest a repair
    AA1419039-E5NortelNortel AA1419039-E5 Transceiver ModuleRequest a repair
    AA1419048-E6 SFPNortelNortel AA1419048-E6 Transceiver ModuleRequest a repair
    AA1419049-E6NortelNortel AA1419049-E6 Transceiver ModuleRequest a repair
    AA1419070-E6NortelNortel AA1419070-E6 Transceiver ModuleRequest a repair
    AL1001A01NortelNortel AL1001A01 Baystack 5510-48T Stackable SwitchRequest a repair
    AL1001A03NortelNortel AL1001A03 Baystack 5510-48T Stackable SwitchRequest a repair
    AL1001A05NortelNortel AL1001A05 Baystack 5520-48T-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL1001A05E5NortelNortel AL1001A05E5 Baystack 5520-48T-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL1001A06E5NortelNortel AL1001A06E5 Baystack 5520-24T-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL1001A11E5NortelNortel AL1001A11E5 5698TFD-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL1001C05E5NortelNortel AL1001C05E5 5520-48T-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL1001C11-E5NortelNortel AL1001C11-E5 5698TFD-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL1001C12E5NortelNortel AL1001C12E5 5698-TFD SwitchRequest a repair
    AL1001C13E5NortelNortel AL1001C13E5 SwitchRequest a repair
    AL1001C14E5NortelNortel AL1001C14-E14-E5 SwitchRequest a repair
    AL1001E13-E5NortelNortel AL1001E13-E5 5650TD-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL1905C03-E5NortelNortel 5600 Redundant 3 SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2001A15NortelNortel AL2001A15 2000 24 Port SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2001A20NortelNortel AL2001A20 Baystack 460-24T-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2012A14NortelNortel AL2012A14 Baystack 450-24T SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2012A34NortelNortel AL2012A34 Baystack 450-48T SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2012A37NortelNortel AL2012A37 Baystack 470-24T SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2012A37-E5NortelNortel AL2012A37-E5 Baystack 470-24T SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2012A39NortelNortel AL2012A39 Baystack 420-24T SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2012A41NortelNortel AL2012A41 Baystack 425-24T SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2012A41E5NortelNortel AL2012A41E5 Baystack 425-24T SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2012A46-E6NortelNortel AL2012A46-E6 SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2012A52-E5NortelNortel 470-48T-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2012A53-E5NortelNortel 470-24T-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2012C52-E5NortelNortel AL2012C52-E5 470 48T PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL2033010NortelNortel AL2033010 Baystack ModuleRequest a repair
    AL2033013NortelNortel BPS2000-2FX 2 Port 100BRequest a repair
    AL2500A01-E6NortelNortel AL2500A01-E6 SwitchRequest a repair
    AL3500A01-E6NortelNortel ERS 3526T-PWR+ with 24 10/100Request a repair
    AL3500B01-E6NortelNortel ERS 3526T-PWR+ with 24 10/100Request a repair
    AL4500A02-E6NortelNortel AL4500A02-E6 SwitchRequest a repair
    AL4500A05-E6NortelNortel AL4500A05-E6 4524GT SwitchRequest a repair
    AL4500A14-E6NortelNortel AL4500A14-E6 4548GT-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL4500C12-E6NortelNortel AL4500C12-E6 4550T-PWR 48 Port SwitchRequest a repair
    AL4500C14-E6NortelNortel AL4500C14-E6 4548GT-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL4500C15-E6NortelNortel AL4500C15-E6 4524GT-PWR SwitchRequest a repair
    AL4800B78-E6NortelNortel AL4800B78-E6 SwitchRequest a repair
    DJ1412013NortelNortel DJ1412013 1850-12G-DC Ethernet Services UnitRequest a repair
    DJ141206-E5NortelNortel DJ141206-E5 SwitchRequest a repair
    DJ1412A04NortelNortel DJ1412A04 SwitchRequest a repair
    DJ1412A06NortelNortel DJ1412A06 SwitchRequest a repair
    DJ1412A11NortelNortel DJ1412A11 MES 1850-12GRequest a repair
    DJ1412B04-E5NortelNortel DJ1412B04-E5 - 1624G SwitchRequest a repair
    DJ1412B11NortelNortel DJ1412B11 SwitchRequest a repair
    DR4001082E6NortelNortel DR4001082E6 SwitchRequest a repair
    DR4001A80E5NortelNortel DR4001A80E5 SwitchRequest a repair
    DR4005B03E6NortelNortel POE 2230/2231 InjecterRequest a repair
    DS1402001NortelNortel DS1402001 8010 Switch ChassisRequest a repair
    DS1402007NortelNortel DS1402007 8610 Switch ChassisRequest a repair
    DS1404001NortelNortel DS1404001 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404007NortelNortel DS1404007 8108GB 8148TX 48 port 10/100/edgeRequest a repair
    DS1404009NortelNortel DS1404009 8108GB 8 port 100 base GBICRequest a repair
    DS1404025NortelNortel DS1404025 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404026NortelNortel DS1404026 8691omSF SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404029NortelNortel DS1404029 8664GB Optical ModuleRequest a repair
    DS1404036NortelNortel DS1404036 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404059-E5NortelNortel DS1404059-E5 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404063NortelNortel DS1404063 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404063-E5NortelNortel DS1404063-E5 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404065-E5NortelNortel DS1404065-E5 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404066NortelNortel DS1404066 Passport 8600 Routing SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404068NortelNortel DS1404068 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404076NortelNortel DS1404076 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404076-E5NortelNortel DS1404076-E5 Fabric ModuleRequest a repair
    DS1404078NortelNortel DS1404078 8348TX SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404079NortelNortel DS1404079 8324GTX SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404092-E5NortelNortel DS1404092-E5 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404094NortelNortel DS1404094 8348GTX SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404097-E6NortelNortel DS1404097-E6 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404099-E5NortelNortel 8394SF CPU SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404101NortelNortel DS1404101 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404101E5NortelNortel DS1404101E5 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404103NortelNortel DS1404103 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404121NortelNortel DS1404121 SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1404122-E6NortelNortel DS1404122-E6 8848GB SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1405007-E5NortelNortel DS1405007-E5 SupplyRequest a repair
    DS1405011-E5NortelNortel DS1405011-E5 8005DC Power SupplyRequest a repair
    DS1405012NortelNortel DS1405012 Power SupplyRequest a repair
    DS1405012-E5NortelNortel DS1405012-E5 Power SupplyRequest a repair
    DS1405018NortelNortel 8005AC 1462W Dual Input Power SupplyRequest a repair
    DS1405A08-E5NortelNortel DS1405A08-E5 8004 AC Power SupplyRequest a repair
    DS1405A14-E5NortelNortel DS1405A14-E5 8301 AC Power SupplyRequest a repair
    DS1411001NortelNortel DS1411001 8010 Fan TrayRequest a repair
    DS1411017-E6NortelNortel DS1411017-E6 Fan TrayRequest a repair
    DS1411025NortelNortel Super Mezz Card for 8692SFRequest a repair
    DS1494120NortelNortel 8895SF SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1494121NortelNortel 8812XL SwitchRequest a repair
    DS1494123NortelNortel 8834XG SwitchRequest a repair
    ED1639001E5NortelNortel ED1639001E5 Secure Media ControllerRequest a repair
    ED1639130NortelNortel ED1639130Request a repair
    NT0482ABNortelNortel NT0482ABRequest a repair
    NT0482AB-30NortelNortel NT0482AB-30Request a repair
    NT0966AANortelNortel ITG card NT0966AA - TrunksideRequest a repair
    NT0966DANortelNortel ITG card NT0966DA - TrunksideRequest a repair
    NT0H01ABNortelNortel NT0H01AB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H01DANortelNortel NT0H01DA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H01DBNortelNortel NT0H01DB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H01DCNortelNortel NT0H01DC Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H01SANortelNortel NT0H01SA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H02BDNortelNortel NT0H02BD Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H03AANortelNortel NT0H03AA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H03ABNortelNortel NT0H03AB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H03ACNortelNortel NT0H03AC Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H03ADNortelNortel NT0H03AD Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H03BDNortelNortel NT0H03BD Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H03CBNortelNortel NT0H03CB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H05AANortelNortel NT0H05AA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H05ABE5NortelNortel NT0H05ABE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H05BBNortelNortel NT0H05BB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H05CAE5NortelNortel NT0H05CAE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H06AANortelNortel NT0H06AA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H06AAE5NortelNortel NT0H06AAE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H06ABE5NortelNortel NT0H06ABE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H06ADNortelNortel NT0H06AD Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H06BBE5NortelNortel NT0H06BBE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H06BCE5NortelNortel NT0H06BCE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H06BDNortelNortel NT0H06BD Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H06EANortelNortel NT0H06EA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H06ECE5NortelNortel NT0H06ECE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H08AANortelNortel NT0H08AA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H10CBNortelNortel NT0H10CB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H10HJNortelNortel NT0H10HJ Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H11BCE5NortelNortel NT0H11BCE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H11EKNortelNortel NT0H11EK Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H14ACE5NortelNortel NT0H14ACE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H14ADE5NortelNortel NT0H14ADE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H14BAE5NortelNortel NT0H14BAE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H14CCE5NortelNortel NT0H14CCE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H14CDE5NortelNortel NT0H14CDE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H14DCE5NortelNortel NT0H14DCE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H15AANortelNortel NT0H15AA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H15ABNortelNortel NT0H15AB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H15ACNortelNortel NT0H15AC Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H15ADNortelNortel NT0H15AD Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H15AENortelNortel NT0H15AE Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H15AZE5NortelNortel NT0H15AZE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H15CEE5NortelNortel NT0H15CEE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H15GANortelNortel NT0H15GA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16AAE5NortelNortel NT0H16AAE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16ABNortelNortel NT0H16AB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16ABE5NortelNortel NT0H16ABE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16ADE5NortelNortel NT0H16ADE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16BDNortelNortel NT0H16BD Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16CCNortelNortel NT0H16CC Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16CDNortelNortel NT0H16CD Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16CKNortelNortel NT0H16CK Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16GBNortelNortel NT0H16GB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16JBNortelNortel NT0H16JB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16JCNortelNortel NT0H16JC Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16JDNortelNortel NT0H16JD Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16KBNortelNortel NT0H16KB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16KCNortelNortel NT0H16KC Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16KDNortelNortel NT0H16KD Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16LAE5NortelNortel NT0H16LAE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16LCE5NortelNortel NT0H16LCE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H16XXNortelNortel NT0H16XX Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H19AAE5NortelNortel NT0H19AAE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H19ABNortelNortel NT0H19AB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H19ACE5NortelNortel NT0H19ACE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H19ADNortelNortel NT0H19AD Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H19AYNortelNortel NT0H19AY Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H19BANortelNortel NT0H19BA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H19CCNortelNortel NT0H19CC Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H19HBE5NortelNortel NT0H19HBE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H20DJNortelNortel NT0H20DJ Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H21CANortelNortel NT0H21CA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H21CAE5NortelNortel NT0H21CAE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H21CBNortelNortel NT0H21CB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H21CFNortelNortel NT0H21CF Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H21CFE5NortelNortel NT0H21CFE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H21JNE5NortelNortel NT0H21JNE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H23CAE5NortelNortel NT0H23CAE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H24AZE5NortelNortel NT0H24AZE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H25AAE5NortelNortel NT0H25AAE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H32AFNortelNortel NT0H32AF Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H32BFNortelNortel NT0H32BF Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0h32CFNortelNortel NT0H32CF Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H32DFNortelNortel NT0H32DF Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H32DFE5NortelNortel NT0H32DFE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H35ABNortelNortel NT0H35AB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H35ABE5NortelNortel NT0H35ABE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H40ABNortelNortel NT0H40AB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H40BCNortelNortel NT0H40BC Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H40BCE5NortelNortel NT0H40BCE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H41ABNortelNortel NT0H41AB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H41ABE5NortelNortel NT0H41ABE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H4306NortelNortel NT0H4306 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H43HANortelNortel NT0H43HA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H482ABNortelNortel NT0H482AB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H50BBNortelNortel NT0H50BB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H50BBE5NortelNortel NT0H50BBE5 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H51ACNortelNortel NT0H51AC Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H52AANortelNortel NT0H52AA Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H52ABE6NortelNortel NT0H52ABE6 Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT0H57BBNortelNortel NT0H57BB Optical TransmissionRequest a repair
    NT1P61CANortelNortel NT1P61CA Fiber Superloop Network CardRequest a repair
    NT1P61CAE5NortelNortel NT1P61CAE5 Network PackRequest a repair
    NT1P62EAE5NortelNortel NT1P62EAE5 Fiber Extender PeriphericRequest a repair
    NT1P62FANortelNortel NT1P62FA Fiber Extender PeriphericRequest a repair
    NT1P63CANortelNortel NT1P63CA Electronic Optical InterfaceRequest a repair
    NT1P63CBE6NortelNortel NT1P63CBE6 Electronic Optical InterfaceRequest a repair
    NT1P6501E6NortelNortel NT1P6501E6 Two Optical AdaptorRequest a repair
    NT1R20BAE5NortelNortel NT1R20BAE5 Extended Line Card Off-PremisesRequest a repair
    NT2K05-03NortelNortel 2006 Digital Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NT2K05-93NortelNortel 2006 Digital Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NT2K08-03NortelNortel 2008 Digital Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NT2K08-35NortelNortel 2008 Digital Phone - BeigeRequest a repair
    NT2K08-93NortelNortel 2008 Digital Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NT2K08CH03NortelNortel 2008 Display - Black - No displays gapsRequest a repair
    NT2K08GH93NortelNortel 2008 Display - GreyRequest a repair
    NT2K16-03NortelNortel 2616D Digital Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NT2K16-35NortelNortel 2616D Digital Phone - BeigeRequest a repair
    NT2K16-93NortelNortel 2616D Digital Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NT2K18-03NortelNortel 2216 ACD Digital Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NT2K18-35NortelNortel 2216 ACD Digital Phone - BeigeRequest a repair
    NT2K18-93NortelNortel 2216 ACD Digital Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NT2K22-93NortelNortel 2616D AOM - GreyRequest a repair
    NT4N39AANortelNortel NT4N39AA CP PIV Processor CardRequest a repair
    NT4N39AAE5NortelNortel NT4N39AAE5 CP PIV Processor CardRequest a repair
    NT4N39BANortelNortel NT4N39BA CP PIV Processor CardRequest a repair
    NT4N40ACE5NortelNortel NT4N40ACE5 Card CageRequest a repair
    NT4N43AANortelNortel NT4N43AA Multi Media DiskRequest a repair
    NT4N43BANortelNortel NT4N43BA Multi Media UnitRequest a repair
    NT4N43CANortelNortel NT4N43ca CCPI Multi Media Disk DriveRequest a repair
    NT4N43CBNortelNortel NT4N43cb CCPI Multi Media Disk DriveRequest a repair
    NT4N43DANortelNortel NT4N43DA Multi Media DiskRequest a repair
    NT4N48AANortelNortel NT4N48AA System Utility CardRequest a repair
    NT4N48BANortelNortel NT4N48BA System Utility CardRequest a repair
    NT4N48BAE5NortelNortel NT4N48BAE5 System Utility CardRequest a repair
    NT4N49AANortelNortel NT4N49AA DC PDU for a CS1000MRequest a repair
    NT4N5702NortelNortel NT4N5702Request a repair
    NT4N57AANortelNortel NT4N57AA Piedestal AssyRequest a repair
    NT4N64AANortelNortel NT4N64AA CP PII Porcessor CardRequest a repair
    NT4N65NortelNortel NT4N65 Pack 2 Port CoreRequest a repair
    NT4N65ACNortelNortel NT4N65AC Network Interface CardRequest a repair
    NT4N65ACE5NortelNortel NT4N65ACE5 Interface CardRequest a repair
    NT4N67AANortelNortel NT4N67AA System Utility CardRequest a repair
    NT4N97AANortelNortel NT4N97AA Card CageRequest a repair
    NT4N97BAE5NortelNortel NT4N97BAE5Request a repair
    NT4R01ACNortelNortel NT4R01AC Voice Precessor CardRequest a repair
    NT4R45AANortelNortel NT4R45AA Processor CardRequest a repair
    NT5B04AAADNortelNortel NT5B04AAAD BCM Digital Trunk Interface T1Request a repair
    NT5B04AAADE5NortelNortel NT5B04AAADE5 BCM Digital Trunk Interface T1Request a repair
    NT5B04BBNortelNortel NT5B04BB BCM Digital Trunk Interface T1Request a repair
    NT5B04BCNortelNortel NT5B04BC BCM Digital Trunk Interface T1Request a repair
    NT5B16AAAJNortelNortel NT5B16AAAJ BCM GASM8Request a repair
    NT5B18ABAANortelNortel NT5B18ABAA BCM CTM8- 8 Port Trunk w/Caller IDRequest a repair
    NT5B42AAAFE5NortelNortel NT5B42AAAFE5 BCM 4x16 ModuleRequest a repair
    NT5B42AAAGE5NortelNortel NT5B42AAAGE5 BCM 8x16 ModuleRequest a repair
    NT5B44AAAENortelNortel NT5B44AB BCM GATM8 Analog TrunkRequest a repair
    NT5B44BAAANortelNortel NT5B44BAAA BCM GATM4 Port TrunkRequest a repair
    NT5C06NortelNortel NT5C06 RectifierRequest a repair
    NT5C06DBNortelNortel NT5C06DB RectifierRequest a repair
    NT5D03FBNortelNortel NT5D03FB CPU - Option 61Request a repair
    NT5D03PBNortelNortel NT5D03PB CPU - Option 61Request a repair
    NT5D10CANortelNortel NT5D10CA CP3 ProcessorRequest a repair
    NT5D10EANortelNortel NT5D10EA CP3 ProcessorRequest a repair
    NT5D12ABNortelNortel NT5D12AB Dual Port DTI/PRI CardRequest a repair
    NT5D12AHNortelNortel NT5D12AH Nortel NT5D12AHRequest a repair
    NT5D12AHE5NortelNortel NT5D12AHE5 Dual Port DTI/PRI CardRequest a repair
    NT5D14ABNortelNortel NT5D14ABRequest a repair
    NT5D14ADNortelNortel NT5D14AD Interface CardRequest a repair
    NT5D16BANortelNortel NT5D16BA Trunk Tip/Ring CableRequest a repair
    NT5D20xxNortelNortel IOP Card NT5D20xxRequest a repair
    NT5D33ABNortelNortel NT5D33AB CardRequest a repair
    NT5D33ACNortelNortel NT5D33AC Interface CardRequest a repair
    NT5D33ACE5NortelNortel NT5D33ACE5 Interface CardRequest a repair
    NT5D34ABNortelNortel NT5D34AB CardRequest a repair
    NT5D51ACNortelNortel NT5D51AC CardRequest a repair
    NT5D51BCNortelNortel NT5D51BC CardRequest a repair
    NT5D60AAE5NortelNortel NT5D60AAE5 CardRequest a repair
    NT5D61ABNortelNortel NT5D61AB IODU/C CardRequest a repair
    NT5D61BBNortelNortel NT5D61BB CardRequest a repair
    NT5D62FANortelNortel NT5D62FA Meridian Integrated Conference BRGRequest a repair
    NT5D97ADE5NortelNortel NT5D97ADE5 Dual PRI CardRequest a repair
    NT5G15AAE5NortelNortel NT5G15AAE5 CardRequest a repair
    NT5G71AANortelNortel NT5G71AA MIPCD Card - ICDRequest a repair
    NT5K02DBE5NortelNortel NT5K02DBE5 System CardRequest a repair
    NT5K02EBE5NortelNortel NT5K02EBE5 System CardRequest a repair
    NT5K02JCNortelNortel NT5K02JC FALC CardRequest a repair
    NT5K02JCE5NortelNortel NT5K02JCE5 FALC CardRequest a repair
    NT5K02KANortelNortel NT5K02KA FALC CardRequest a repair
    NT5K02KBNortelNortel NT5K02KB FALC CardRequest a repair
    NT5K02QBNortelNortel NT5K02QB FALC CardRequest a repair
    NT5K02QCNortelNortel NT5K02QC FALC CardRequest a repair
    NT5K02QCE5NortelNortel NT5K02QCE5 FALC CardRequest a repair
    NT5K02SBE5NortelNortel NT5K02SBE5 CardRequest a repair
    NT5K02TBE5NortelNortel NT5K02TBE5 CardRequest a repair
    NT5K04AKNortelNortel NT5K04AK CardRequest a repair
    NT5K17ABNortelNortel NT5K17AB DDI Trunk CardRequest a repair
    NT5K17ABE5NortelNortel NT5K17ABE5 DDI Trunk CardRequest a repair
    NT5K18AANortelNortel NT5K18AA Line CardRequest a repair
    NT5K18ABNortelNortel NT5K18AB Analog Trunk CardRequest a repair
    NT5K19ABNortelNortel NT5K19AB Ran Pag CardRequest a repair
    NT5K19ACNortelNortel NT5K19AC XFEM Trunk CardRequest a repair
    NT5K19ACE5NortelNortel NT5K19ACE5 CardRequest a repair
    NT5K21BANortelNortel NT5K21BA MFC CardRequest a repair
    NT5K21BAE5NortelNortel NT5K21BAE5 CardRequest a repair
    NT5K30AKNortelNortel NT5K30AKRequest a repair
    NT5K35NortelNortel NT5K35 DASS2/DPNSSRequest a repair
    NT5K39AANortelNortel NT5K39AA Console CableRequest a repair
    NT5K40AANortelNortel NT5K40AA CableRequest a repair
    NT5K48AANortelNortel NT5K48AA Tone Detector CardRequest a repair
    NT5K48ABNortelNortel NT5K48AB Tone Detector CardRequest a repair
    NT5K48ACE5NortelNortel NT5K48ACE5Request a repair
    NT5K50AAE5NortelNortel NT5K50AAE5Request a repair
    NT5K72AANortelNortel NT5K72AARequest a repair
    NT5K83FANortelNortel NT5K83FARequest a repair
    NT5K83HANortelNortel NT5K83HARequest a repair
    NT5K90BBNortelNortel NT5K90BBRequest a repair
    NT5K96JBNortelNortel NT5K96JBRequest a repair
    NT5K96JCNortelNortel NT5K96JCRequest a repair
    NT5K96NCNortelNortel NT5K96NCRequest a repair
    NT5K99AANortelNortel NT5K99AARequest a repair
    NT5S00AAE5NortelNortel NT5S00AAE5 BES50FE-12TRequest a repair
    NT5S00NAE5NortelNortel NT5S00NAE5 BES50GE-24TRequest a repair
    NT5S01AAE5NortelNortel NT5S01AAE5 BES110-24TRequest a repair
    NT5S01MAE5NortelNortel NT5S01MAE5 BES120-24TRequest a repair
    NT5S02AAE5NortelNortel NT5S02AAE5 BES210-24TRequest a repair
    NT5S02BAE5NortelNortel NT5S02BAE5 BES210-48TRequest a repair
    NT5S02MCE5NortelNortel NT5S02MCE5 BES 220 24 Port SwitchRequest a repair
    NT5S03BAE5NortelNortel NT5S03BAE5 BES1010-24TRequest a repair
    NT5S03MAE5NortelNortel NT5S03MAE5 BES1020-24TRequest a repair
    NT5S20BAE6NortelNortel NT5S20BAE6 BSR252 RouterRequest a repair
    NT5S40Y007E6NortelNortel NT5S40Y007E6Request a repair
    NT6D003NortelNortel NT6D003 CBT CardRequest a repair
    NT6D04BANortelNortel NT6D04BARequest a repair
    NT6D11AFNortelNortel NT6D11AF DCHIRequest a repair
    NT6D40ABNortelNortel NT6D40ABRequest a repair
    NT6D40ADNortelNortel NT6D40AD Option 61 PS CardRequest a repair
    NT6D40BANortelNortel NT6D40BA Option 61 PS CardRequest a repair
    NT6D41ABNortelNortel NT6D41AB Option 61 Power SupplyRequest a repair
    NT6D41ADNortelNortel NT6D41AD Option 61 Power SupplyRequest a repair
    NT6D41CANortelNortel NT6D41CA Option 61 Power SupplyRequest a repair
    NT6D42CBNortelNortel NT6D42CB Ring GeneratorRequest a repair
    NT6D42CCNortelNortel NT6D42CC Ring GeneratorRequest a repair
    NT6D42CDNortelNortel NT6D42CD Ring GeneratorRequest a repair
    NT6D43AANortelNortel NT6D43AA CPE Power SupplyRequest a repair
    NT6D45AANortelNortel NT6D45AA Tape Drive UnitRequest a repair
    NT6D47BANortelNortel NT6D47BA Disk Hard DriveRequest a repair
    NT6D48AANortelNortel NT6D48AA HD DK ModuleRequest a repair
    NT6D65AANortelNortel NT6D65AA CNI CardRequest a repair
    NT6D65ABNortelNortel NT6D65AB CNI CardRequest a repair
    NT6D66AANortelNortel NT6D66AA Processor CardRequest a repair
    NT6D66ABNortelNortel NT6D66ABRequest a repair
    NT6D66DANortelNortel NT6D66DARequest a repair
    NT6D70BANortelNortel NT6D70BA SILCRequest a repair
    NT6D71AANortelNortel NT6D71AA UICL CardRequest a repair
    NT6D71ABNortelNortel NT6D71ABRequest a repair
    NT6D73AANortelNortel NT6D73AA MISPRequest a repair
    NT6D80ABNortelNortel NT6D80AB MSDLRequest a repair
    NT6D80ACE5NortelNortel NT6D80ACE5 MSDLRequest a repair
    NT6G48BC93NortelNortel M2250 Console - GreyRequest a repair
    NT6G48CA35NortelNortel M2250 Console - Beige/ashRequest a repair
    NT6P04AANortelNortel 4 NT6P04AA Port Mail CardRequest a repair
    NT6P05BANortelNortel NT6P05BA Tape Drive ModuleRequest a repair
    NT6P07BANortelNortel NT6P07BA Voice Mail ModuleRequest a repair
    NT6P08AANortelNortel NT6P08AA 8 Port Mail CardRequest a repair
    NT6P42AANortelNortel NT6P42AA Util CardRequest a repair
    NT6P97AANortelNortel NT6P97AA MM40 Mail CardRequest a repair
    NT6Q00AANortelNortel NT6Q00AA Rack Mount ChassisRequest a repair
    NT6Q01AAE5NortelNortel NT6Q01AAE5 Optical Multiservice Edge 6130 UnitRequest a repair
    NT6Q11AANortelNortel NT6Q11AARequest a repair
    NT6Q12ABE5NortelNortel NT6Q12ABE5Request a repair
    NT6Q13ACE5NortelNortel NT6Q13ACE5 6110/6130 8 Port EthernetRequest a repair
    NT6Q13BAE5NortelNortel NT6Q13BAE5Request a repair
    NT6Q17ACE5NortelNortel NT6Q17ACE5Request a repair
    NT6Q18AANortelNortel NT6Q18AA OME6130 8XSTM-1/2XSTM-4 CPRequest a repair
    NT6Q21AANortelNortel NT6Q21AARequest a repair
    NT6Q21GAE5NortelNortel NT6Q21GAE5Request a repair
    NT6Q40AAE5NortelNortel NT6Q40AAE5Request a repair
    NT6Q41AAE5NortelNortel NT6Q41AAE5Request a repair
    NT6Q42AAE5NortelNortel NT6Q42AAE5Request a repair
    NT6Q43ABE5NortelNortel NT6Q43ABE5Request a repair
    NT6Q45AANortelNortel NT6Q45AARequest a repair
    NT6Q46AAE5NortelNortel NT6Q46AAE5 1X155/622M AggregateRequest a repair
    NT6Q47AAE5NortelNortel NT6Q47AAE5Request a repair
    NT6Q50ACNortelNortel NT6Q50ACRequest a repair
    NT6R15AANortelNortel NT6R15AA CardRequest a repair
    NT6R16AANortelNortel NT6R16AA Entopia VMRequest a repair
    NT7B07AAACNortelNortel NT7B07AAAC BCM FEM Fibre Expansion ModuleRequest a repair
    NT7B08AAANortelNortel BCM 16+ dsm NT7B08AAARequest a repair
    NT7B08AAALE5NortelNortel NT7B08AAALE5 BCM DSM16 ModuleRequest a repair
    NT7B09AAACNortelNortel NT7B09AAAC BCM DSM 32 ModuleRequest a repair
    NT7B09AAADE5NortelNortel NT7B09AB BCM 32+ Port DSM ModuleRequest a repair
    NT7B10NortelNortel NT7B10 BCM400 Release 3.7Request a repair
    NT7B10AANortelNortel NT7B10AA BCM400 Release 4.0Request a repair
    NT7B10AABHNortelNortel NT7B10AABH BCM1000 Release 2.5Request a repair
    NT7B10AACPNortelNortel NT7B10AACP BCM1000 MotherboardRequest a repair
    NT7B10AADQNortelNortel NT7B10AADQ BCM400 Release 3.0Request a repair
    NT7B10AAFENortelNortel NT7B10AAFE BCM400 Release 3.6Request a repair
    NT7B10AAFPNortelNortel NT7B10AAFP BCM200 Release 3.6Request a repair
    NT7B10AAFXE5NortelNortel NT7B10AAFXE5 BCM200 Release 4.0Request a repair
    NT7B14AAAKE5NortelNortel NT7B14AAAKE5 BCM450 Expansion CabinetRequest a repair
    NT7B66AAAVNortelNortel NT7B66AAAV CICS 7.1 SoftwareRequest a repair
    NT7B76AAAHE5NortelNortel NT7B76AAAHE5 BCM BRI ModuleRequest a repair
    NT7D10CANortelNortel NT7D10CA Power Suuply ChassisRequest a repair
    NT7D64DCNortelNortel NT7D64DC Power SupplyRequest a repair
    NT7E02LDNortelNortel NT7E02LD Interface CardRequest a repair
    NT7K20AAE6NortelNortel NT7K20AAE6 Analog message Wait Line CardRequest a repair
    NT7Q00MAE5NortelNortel NT7Q00MAE5 OME 6150 ChassisRequest a repair
    NT7Q37AAE5NortelNortel NT7Q37AAE5 CardRequest a repair
    NT7Q37NAE5NortelNortel NT7Q37NAE5 CardRequest a repair
    NT7R51ADNortelNortel NT7R51AD CardRequest a repair
    NT8B15AA-03NortelNortel M7100 Digital Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NT8B15AA-35NortelNortel M7100 Digital Phone - BeigeRequest a repair
    NT8B15AA-93NortelNortel M7100 Digital Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NT8B20-03NortelNortel M7310 IP Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NT8B20-35NortelNortel M7310 IP Phone - BeigeRequest a repair
    NT8B20-93NortelNortel M7310 IP Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NT8B24AAAAE6NortelNortel T7000 Digital Phone - PlatinumRequest a repair
    NT8B25AABLE6NortelNortel T7100 Digital Phone - CharcoalRequest a repair
    NT8B25AABME6NortelNortel T7100 Digital Phone - PlatinumRequest a repair
    NT8B26AABLE6NortelNortel T7208 IP Phone - CharcoalRequest a repair
    NT8B26AABMNortelNortel T7208 IP Phone - PlatinumRequest a repair
    NT8B27AAAANortelNortel T7316 (Non E) Digital Phone - CharcoalRequest a repair
    NT8B27AAABNortelNortel T7316 (Non E) Digital Phone - PlatinumRequest a repair
    NT8B27JAAAE6NortelNortel T7316E Digital Phone - CharcoalRequest a repair
    NT8B27JAABNortelNortel T7316E Digital Phone - PlatinumRequest a repair
    NT8B27JAMAE6NortelNortel T7316E Digital Phone - Avaya badged - CharcoalRequest a repair
    NT8B29AAAAE6NortelNortel T24 Key Expansion Module the T7316 - CharcoalRequest a repair
    NT8B29AAABE6NortelNortel T24 KIM Platinum for the T7316 NT8B29AAAAE6Request a repair
    NT8B38AA-03NortelNortel M7208 IP Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NT8B38AA-35NortelNortel M7208 IP Phone - BeigeRequest a repair
    NT8B38AA-93NortelNortel M7208 IP Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NT8B41AA-03NortelNortel 48 Caps.mod. - BlackRequest a repair
    NT8B41AA-93NortelNortel 48 Caps mod. - GreyRequest a repair
    NT8B42AA-03NortelNortel M7324 Digital Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NT8B42AA-35NortelNortel M7324 Digital Phone - BeigeRequest a repair
    NT8B42AA-93NortelNortel M7324 Digital Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NT8B90AAAEE6NortelNortel ATA 2 BCM Digital Adapter BoxRequest a repair
    NT8B97AB-93NortelNortel ATA 1 Analog Terminal AdapterRequest a repair
    NT8D01ADNortelNortel NT8D01AD Telephone ControllerRequest a repair
    NT8D01BCNortelNortel NT8D01BC Cont-4 Controller CardRequest a repair
    NT8D01BDNortelNortel NT8D01BD Cont-2 Controller CardRequest a repair
    NT8D02ABNortelNortel NT8D02AB Digital Line CardRequest a repair
    NT8D02EANortelNortel NT8D02EA Digital Line CardRequest a repair
    NT8D02EBNortelNortel NT8D02EB Digital Line CardRequest a repair
    NT8D02GANortelNortel NT8D02GA DLC CardRequest a repair
    NT8D02HANortelNortel NT8D02HA DLC CardRequest a repair
    NT8D02HAE5NortelNortel DLC NT8D02HAE5Request a repair
    NT8D04BANortelNortel NT8D04BA Network CardRequest a repair
    NT8D04BAE5NortelNortel NT8D04BAE5 Network CardRequest a repair
    NT8D09ALNortelNortel NT8D09AL Analog CardRequest a repair
    NT8D09CANortelNortel NT8D09CA Analog CardRequest a repair
    NT8D14CBNortelNortel NT8D14CB Trunk CardRequest a repair
    NT8D14CBE5NortelNortel NT8D14CBE5 Trunk CardRequest a repair
    NT8D15AKNortelNortel NT8D15AK Trunk CardRequest a repair
    NT8D17CANortelNortel NT8D17CA Circuit CardRequest a repair
    NT8D17FANortelNortel NT8D17FA Conference/TDS CardRequest a repair
    NT8D17HANortelNortel NT8D17HA Conference/TDS CardRequest a repair
    NT8D17HBNortelNortel NT8D17HB Conference/TDS CardRequest a repair
    NT8D17HCE5NortelNortel NT8D17HCE5 Conference/TDS CardRequest a repair
    NT8D22ACNortelNortel NT8D22AC System Monitor ModuleRequest a repair
    NT8D22ADNortelNortel NT8D22AD Extended System MonitorRequest a repair
    NT8D22AEE5NortelNortel NT8D22AEE5Request a repair
    NT8D37ECNortelNortel NT8D37EC DC ModulesRequest a repair
    NT8D41AANortelNortel NT8D41AA Dual SDI DIP SwitchesRequest a repair
    NT8D41BANortelNortel NT8D41BA Quad Port SDI Paddle BoardRequest a repair
    NT8D41BBE5NortelNortel NT8D41BBE5 SDI PaddleboardRequest a repair
    NT8D49NortelNortel NT8D49Request a repair
    NT8D52DDNortelNortel NT8D52DD Option 81 Fan Tray (NT8D5204)Request a repair
    NT8D69AANortelNortel NT8D69AA MDURequest a repair
    NT8D72ABNortelNortel NT8D72AB PRI CardRequest a repair
    NT8D72BANortelNortel NT8D72BA PRI CardRequest a repair
    NT8D91AENortelNortel NT8D91AE CableRequest a repair
    NT9T6110NortelNortel NT9T6110 BCM50E Release 2.0Request a repair
    NT9T6210NortelNortel NT9T6210 BCM50A Release 1.0Request a repair
    NT9T6211E5NortelNortel NT9T6211E5 BCM50A Release 2.0Request a repair
    NT9T6402E5NortelNortel NT9T6402E5 BCM50 Expansion UnitRequest a repair
    NT9T6410NortelNortel NT9T6410 BCM50 Expansion ModuleRequest a repair
    NT9T6412E5NortelNortel NT9T6412E5 BCM50 Expansion ModuleRequest a repair
    NT9T6502E5NortelNortel NT9T6502E5 BCM50 Release 3.0Request a repair
    NT9T6505E5NortelNortel NT9T6505E5 BCM50 Release 5.0Request a repair
    NT9T6506E5NortelNortel NT9T6506E5 BCM50 Release 6.0Request a repair
    NT9T6510NortelNortel NT9T6510 BCM50 Release 1.0Request a repair
    NT9T6511E5NortelNortel NT9T6511E5 BCM50B Release 1.0Request a repair
    NT9T6512E5NortelNortel NT9T6512E5 BCM50B Release 5.0Request a repair
    NT9T6516E5NortelNortel NT9T6516E5 BCM50 Release 1.0Request a repair
    NT9T6521E5NortelNortel NT9T6521E5 BCM50B CCU Release 3.0Request a repair
    NT9T6541E5NortelNortel NT9T6541E5 BCM50B Release 6.0Request a repair
    NTA800AA-03NortelNortel M7100N Digital Phone- BlackRequest a repair
    NTA800AA-35NortelNortel M7100N Digital Phone - BeigeRequest a repair
    NTA800AA-93NortelNortel M7100N Digital Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NTA801AA-03NortelNortel M7208N Digital Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NTA801AA-93NortelNortel M7208N Digital Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NTA802AA-03NortelNortel M7310N Digital Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NTA802AA-35NortelNortel M7310N Digital Phone - BeigeRequest a repair
    NTA802AA-93NortelNortel M7310N Digital Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NTA803AA-03NortelNortel 7324N Digital Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NTA803AA-35NortelNortel 7324N Digital Phone - BeigeRequest a repair
    NTA803AA-93NortelNortel 7324N Digital Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NTA804AA-03NortelNortel Caps Mod. 48 buttons - With PSU and Lead - BlackRequest a repair
    NTA804AA-93NortelNortel Caps Mod. 48 buttons - With PSU and Lead - GreyRequest a repair
    NTAB9969E5NortelNortel BCM400 Base Function Tray NTAB9969E5Request a repair
    NTAG36AANortelNortel NTAG36AA MIRAN CardRequest a repair
    NTAG36ABNortelNortel NTAG36AB MIRAN CardRequest a repair
    NTAG36ACNortelNortel NTAG36AC MIRAN CardRequest a repair
    NTAG54AANortelNortel NTAG54AA MIRAN CardRequest a repair
    NTAG54ABNortelNortel NTAG54AB MIRAN CardRequest a repair
    NTAG54ACNortelNortel NTAG54AC MIRAN CardRequest a repair
    NTAG54ACE5NortelNortel NTAG54ACE5 Dual Dass/DPNSSRequest a repair
    NTAG58AANortelNortel NTAG58AA Console Interface UnitRequest a repair
    NTAG58BANortelNortel NTAG58BA Console Interface UnitRequest a repair
    NTAK01CANortelNortel NTAK01CA CPU/Conference CardRequest a repair
    NTAK02BANortelNortel NTAK02BA SDI/DDCI CardRequest a repair
    NTAK02BBNortelNortel NTAK02BB SDI/DDCI CardRequest a repair
    NTAK02BCNortelNortel NTAK02BC SDI/DDCI CardRequest a repair
    NTAK02BDNortelNortel NTAK02BD SDI/DDCI CardRequest a repair
    NTAK02CANortelNortel NTAK02CA SDI/DDCI CardRequest a repair
    NTAK03DANortelNortel NTAK03DA TDS/DTR CardRequest a repair
    NTAK04ABNortelNortel NTAK04AB Option 11 p/s CardRequest a repair
    NTAK04BBNortelNortel NTAK04BB Option 11 p/s CardRequest a repair
    NTAK10DCNortelNortel NTAK10DC Card ControllerRequest a repair
    NTAK11NortelNortel NTAK11 Option 11 Expansion CabinetRequest a repair
    NTAK11BDNortelNortel NTAK11BD Option 11 Expansion CabinetRequest a repair
    NTAK13AANortelNortel NTAK13AA Mail CardRequest a repair
    NTAK14BANortelNortel NTAK14BA Meridian Mail CPURequest a repair
    NTAK15ABNortelNortel NTAK15AB Mail CardRequest a repair
    NTAK16ABNortelNortel NTAK16AB Processor CardRequest a repair
    NTAK18BANortelNortel NTAK18BA CardRequest a repair
    NTAK20ABNortelNortel NTAK20AB Clock ControllerRequest a repair
    NTAK20BCNortelNortel NTAK20BC Clock ControllerRequest a repair
    NTAK20BDNortelNortel NTAK20BD Clock ControllerRequest a repair
    NTAK28ABNortelNortel NTAK28AB Battery Junction BoxRequest a repair
    NTAK72BSNortelNortel NTAK72BSRequest a repair
    NTAK79NortelNortel NTAK79 PRI Card DPNSSRequest a repair
    NTAK93ABNortelNortel NTAK93AB Card DCHI/DPNSSRequest a repair
    NTAU62AANortelNortel NTAU62AARequest a repair
    NTBK22AANortelNortel NTBK22AA MISP Circuit CardRequest a repair
    NTBK45ACNortelNortel NTBK45ACRequest a repair
    NTBK47AANortelNortel NTBK47AARequest a repair
    NTBK47ABNortelNortel NTBK47AB Expansion CardRequest a repair
    NTBK50AANortelNortel NTBK50AARequest a repair
    NTBK50AAE5NortelNortel NTBK50AAE5Request a repair
    NTBK51AANortelNortel NTBK51AARequest a repair
    NTBK51AAE5nortelnortel NTBK51AAE5Request a repair
    NTBK51BANortelNortel NTBK51BARequest a repair
    NTBK51CANortelNortel NTBK51CARequest a repair
    NTBK65AAE5NortelNortel NTBK65AAE5Request a repair
    NTBK66AAnortelnortel NTBK66AARequest a repair
    NTBK66AAE5NortelNortel NTBK66AAE5Request a repair
    NTBP09CANortelNortel NTBP09CARequest a repair
    NTBP09CGNortelNortel NTBP09CGRequest a repair
    NTBP52CGNortelNortel NTBP52CGRequest a repair
    NTBW89DAE5NortelNortel NTBW89DAE5Request a repair
    NTC03100SWE6NortelNortel NTC03100SWE6 BCM450 Release 6.0Request a repair
    NTC03100SXE6NortelNortel NTC03100SXE6 BCM450 Release 5.0Request a repair
    NTC03100SYE5NortelNortel NTC03100SYE5 BCM450 Release 1.0Request a repair
    NTC03110SYE6nortelNortel NTC03110SYE6 BCM450 Expansion CardRequest a repair
    NTC310AAE6NortelNortel NTC310AAE6 MG1010 Media Gateway ChassisRequest a repair
    NTC312AAE6NortelNortel NTC312AAE6 MG1010 PSURequest a repair
    NTC314AANortelNortel NTC314AA MG1010 MGURequest a repair
    NTC314ABNortelNortel NTC314AB MG1010 MGURequest a repair
    NTC320AAE6NortelNortel NTC320AAE6 Fan Unit for MG1010Request a repair
    NTCA01KKNortelNortel NTCA01KKRequest a repair
    NTCA04MKNortelNortel NTCA04MKRequest a repair
    NTCA06KPNortelNortel NTCA06KPRequest a repair
    NTCA06UPNortelNortel NTCA06UPRequest a repair
    NTCA06VPNortelNortel NTCA06VPRequest a repair
    NTCA10CGNortelNortel NTCA10CGRequest a repair
    NTCA10HCNortelNortel NTCA10HCRequest a repair
    NTCA15CRNortelNortel NTCA15CRRequest a repair
    NTCA21AANortelNortel NTCA21AARequest a repair
    NTCA26BANortelNortel NTCA26BARequest a repair
    NTCA30CKNortelNortel NTCA30CKRequest a repair
    NTCA35ZANortelNortel NTCA35ZARequest a repair
    NTCA40BANortelNortel NTCA40BARequest a repair
    NTCA41CANortelNortel NTCA41CARequest a repair
    NTCA42BANortelNortel NTCA42BARequest a repair
    NTCA48AANortelNortel NTCA48AARequest a repair
    NTCA49AANortelNortel NTCA49AARequest a repair
    NTCA50BANortelNortel NTCA50BARequest a repair
    NTCA51AANortelNortel NTCA51AARequest a repair
    NTCA51ABNortelNortel NTCA51ABRequest a repair
    NTCA52AANortelNortel NTCA52AARequest a repair
    NTCA59AANortelNortel NTCA59AARequest a repair
    NTCA85EANortelNortel NTCA85EARequest a repair
    NTCA90CANortelNortel DUAL GE LXRequest a repair
    NTCA90EANortelNortel NTCA90EARequest a repair
    NTCC14FCNortelNortel NTCC14FCRequest a repair
    NTCC8102NortelNortel NTCC8102Request a repair
    NTCC8604-0106NortelNortel NTCC8604-0106Request a repair
    NTCC8912SPNortelNortel NTCC8912SPRequest a repair
    NTCC9120NortelNortel NTCC9120Request a repair
    NTCE01AANortelNortel NTCE01AARequest a repair
    NTCE44BANortelNortel NTCE44BARequest a repair
    NTCK16BENortelNortel NTCK16BERequest a repair
    NTCK43AANortelNortel NTCK43AARequest a repair
    NTCK43ABNortelNortel NTCK43ABRequest a repair
    NTCK90AANortelNortel NTCK90AA CMCC Companion ControllerRequest a repair
    NTCK93ABNortelNortel NTCK93AB CompanionRequest a repair
    NTCW00AANortelNortel NTCW00AA Dect Mobility CardRequest a repair
    NTCW00ABNortelNortel NTCW00AB Dect Mobility CardRequest a repair
    NTCW00ACE5NortelNortel NTCW00ACE5 Dect Mobility CardRequest a repair
    NTCW01AANortelNortel NTCW01AARequest a repair
    NTCW01ABNortelNortel NTCW01ABRequest a repair
    NTCW01ACNortelNortel NTCW01ACRequest a repair
    NTCW02NortelNortel NTCW02 Meridian C4600 Base StationRequest a repair
    NTCW02CBE5NortelNortel NTCW02CBE5 Meridian C4600 Base StationRequest a repair
    NTCW25AANortelNortel NTCW25AARequest a repair
    NTDF29ADNortelNortel NTDF29ADRequest a repair
    NTDF29AENortelNortel NTDF29AERequest a repair
    NTDF29AFNortelNortel NTDF29AFRequest a repair
    NTDK16BANortelNortel NTDK16BA Meridian 48 Port DLCRequest a repair
    NTDK16BAE5NortelNortel NTDK16BAE5 Meridian 48 Port DLCRequest a repair
    NTDK20ABNortelNortel NTDK20ABRequest a repair
    NTDK20CANortelNortel NTDK20CA SSC CardRequest a repair
    NTDK20DANortelNortel NTDK20DA SSC CardRequest a repair
    NTDK20EANortelNortel NTDK20EA SSC CardRequest a repair
    NTDK20FANortelNortel NTDK20FA SSC CardRequest a repair
    NTDK20GANortelNortel NTDK20GA SSC CardRequest a repair
    NTDK20HANortelNortel NTDK20HA SSC CardRequest a repair
    NTDK20JANortelNortel NTDK20JA SSC CardRequest a repair
    NTDK20KAE5NortelNortel NTDK20KAE5 SSC CardRequest a repair
    NTDK21AANortelNortel NTDK21AA CardRequest a repair
    NTDK22NortelNortel NTDK22 CardRequest a repair
    NTDK22AANortelNortel NTDK22AA CardRequest a repair
    NTDK23AANortelNortel NTDK23AA Fibre Reciever CardRequest a repair
    NTDK23BANortelNortel NTDK23BA Fibre Reciever CardRequest a repair
    NTDK23BAE5NortelNortel NTDK23BAE5 Fibre Reciever CardRequest a repair
    NTDK24NortelNortel NTDK24 Fibre Reciever Card 2kRequest a repair
    NTDK25BBNortelNortel NTDK25BBRequest a repair
    NTDK36AANortelNortel NTDK36AARequest a repair
    NTDK48KANortelNortel NTDK48KARequest a repair
    NTDK70AANortelNortel NTDK70AA Power SupplyRequest a repair
    NTDK70ABNortelNortel NTDK70AB Power SupplyRequest a repair
    NTDK70BBNortelNortel NTDK70BB Power SupplyRequest a repair
    NTDK72ABNortelNortel NTDK72AB Power SupplyRequest a repair
    NTDK78AANortelNortel NTDK78AA Power SupplyRequest a repair
    NTDK78ABNortelNortel NTDK78ABRequest a repair
    NTDK79NortelNortel NTDK79Request a repair
    NTDK80NortelNortel NTDK80Request a repair
    NTDK81AANortelNortel NTDK81AARequest a repair
    NTDK83AANortelNortel NTDK83AA Daughter BoardRequest a repair
    NTDK84AANortelNortel NTDK84AA Dual Port ExpansionRequest a repair
    NTDK84AAE5NortelNortel NTDK84AAE5 Dual Port ExpansionRequest a repair
    NTDK85NortelNortel NTDK85 Fiber Expansion Daughterboard 2KmRequest a repair
    NTDK91BANortelNortel NTDK91BARequest a repair
    NTDK91BBNortelNortel NTDK91BBRequest a repair
    NTDK92BBNortelNortel NTDK92BBRequest a repair
    NTDK97ABNortelNortel NTDK97AB Option 11 CardRequest a repair
    NTDK97ADNortelNortel NTDK97AD MSC CardRequest a repair
    NTDK99AANortelNortel NTDK99AA CardRequest a repair
    NTDK99AAE5NortelNortel NTDK99AAE5Request a repair
    NTDL00ZA-03NortelNortel 3000 Add On Module 22 Buttons - BlackRequest a repair
    NTDL00ZA-93NortelNortel 3000 Add On Module 22 Buttons - GreyRequest a repair
    NTDL01AB35NortelNortel 3110 - BeigeRequest a repair
    NTDL01BC93NortelNortel 3110 - GreyRequest a repair
    NTDL01BE70NortelNortel 3110 - BlackRequest a repair
    NTDL02BE93NortelNortel 3310 - GreyRequest a repair
    NTDL02CE70NortelNortel 3310 - BlackRequest a repair
    NTDL02KE35NortelNortel 3310 - BeigeRequest a repair
    NTDL03AE35NortelNortel 3820 - BeigeRequest a repair
    NTDL03BE70NortelNortel 3820 - BlackRequest a repair
    NTDL03BE93NortelNortel 3820 - GreyRequest a repair
    NTDL2021-03NortelNortel 3022 Base for AOU NTDL2021-70 Orion Sgl - BlackRequest a repair
    NTDL2021-70NortelNortel 3022 Base for AOU NTDL2021-70 Orion Sgl - GreyRequest a repair
    NTDL2022-03NortelNortel 3022 Base for AOU NTDL2022-93 MCA Double - BlackRequest a repair
    NTDL2022-93NortelNortel 3022 Base for AOU NTDL2022-93 MCA Double - GreyRequest a repair
    NTDR68BANortelNortel NTDR68BARequest a repair
    NTDR68BBNortelNortel NTDR68BB Reach Line CardRequest a repair
    NTDR68BDNortelNortel NTDR68BDRequest a repair
    NTDR68BENortelNortel NTDR68BERequest a repair
    NTDR70BDNortelNortel NTDR70BD Reach Line CardRequest a repair
    NTDR70BENortelNortel NTDR70BE Reach Line CardRequest a repair
    NTDR71BBNortelNortel NTDR71BBRequest a repair
    NTDR73AANortelNortel NTDR73AARequest a repair
    NTDR76AANortelNortel NTDR76AARequest a repair
    NTDR87AANortelNortel NTDR87AARequest a repair
    NTDU08NortelNortel NTDU08 CS1000 CabinetRequest a repair
    NTDU14CANortelNortel NTDU14CA CS1000 CabinetRequest a repair
    NTDU14DANortelNortel NTDU14DA CS1000 CabinetRequest a repair
    NTDU15CANortelNortel NTDU15CA CS1000 CabinetRequest a repair
    NTDU15DAE5NortelNortel NTDU15DA CS1000 CabinetRequest a repair
    NTDU19AANortelNortel NTDU19AARequest a repair
    NTDU27AANortelNortel NTDU27AB SuccessionRequest a repair
    NTDU27ABE5NortelNortel NTDU27ABE5 SuccessionRequest a repair
    NTDU28AANortelNortel NTDU28AA Call Pilot 1005R with Serial ConnectionRequest a repair
    NTDU28ACNortelNortel NTDU28AC Call Pilot 1005R with RJ45 ConnectionRequest a repair
    NTDU62BAE5NortelNortel NTDU62BAE5 Server 1000E with out PSURequest a repair
    NTDU63NortelNortel NTDU63Request a repair
    NTDU64AANortelNortel NTDU64AARequest a repair
    NTDU65NortelNortel PSU NTDU65Request a repair
    NTDU67AANortelNortel NTDU67AA Drive CarrierRequest a repair
    NTDU68AANortelNortel NTDU68AA Drive Carrier Blank CardRequest a repair
    NTDU68AAE5NortelNortel NTDU68AAE5 Drive Carrier Blank CardRequest a repair
    NTDU74ADNortelNortel NTDU74AD Hard Drive Version a repair
    NTDU74VANortelNortel NTDU74VA Hard Drive Version 5.00.31Request a repair
    NTDU74VBNortelNortel NTDU74VB Hard Drive Version 5.50.12Request a repair
    NTDU74VCNortelNortel NTDU74VC Hard Drive Version a repair
    NTDU76AANortelNortel i2002 IP Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NTDU76ABNortelNortel i2002 IP Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NTDU82BA70NortelNortel i2004 IP Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NTDU90AB70NortelNortel i2001 IP Phone - Black with Silver BezelRequest a repair
    NTDU91NortelNortel i2002 IP Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NTDU91AE70E6NortelNortel i2002 IP Phone - Icon Silver BezelRequest a repair
    NTDU92AANortelNortel i2004 IP Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NTDU92AA70NortelNortel i2004IP Phone - Black without Silver BezelRequest a repair
    NTDU92AE70E6NortelNortel i2004 IP Phone - Black with Silver BezelRequest a repair
    NTDU96AB70NortelNortel i2007 IP Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NTDU97AAE5NortelNortel NTDU97AAE5 HP DL320 G4 1U ServerRequest a repair
    NTDU99AAE5NortelNortel NTDU99AAE5 IBM 1U ServerRequest a repair
    NTDW05NortelNortel NTDW05 Hard Drive UnitRequest a repair
    NTDW07AAE6NortelNortel NTDW07AAE6 Hard Drive UnitRequest a repair
    NTDW08NortelNortel NTDW08 Hard drive UnitRequest a repair
    NTDW12AAE5NortelNortel NTDW12AAE5 Universal Digital Trunk Clock Controller Daughter-boardRequest a repair
    NTDW20AAE6NortelNortel NTDW20AAE6 CS1000 MG-XPEC Extended Peripheral Equip ControllerRequest a repair
    NTDW40AANortelNortel NTDW40AARequest a repair
    NTDW53AANortelNortel NTDW53AARequest a repair
    NTDW53BANortelNortel NTDW53BARequest a repair
    NTDW54AANortelNortel NTDW54AARequest a repair
    NTDW54ABNortelNortel NTDW54ABRequest a repair
    NTDW59BAE6NortelNortel NTDW59BAE6Request a repair
    NTDW60BANortelNortel NTDW60BARequest a repair
    NTDW60BAE5NortelNortel NTDW60BAE5Request a repair
    NTDW60BBNortelNortel NTDW60BBRequest a repair
    NTDW60BBE5NortelNortel NTDW60BBE5Request a repair
    NTDW6102E5NortelNortel NTDW6102E5Request a repair
    NTDW61BAE5NortelNortel NTDW61BAE5Request a repair
    NTDW62AANortelNortel NTDW62AARequest a repair
    NTDW62AAE5NortelNortel NTDW62AAE5Request a repair
    NTDW64AAE5NortelNortel NTDW64AAE5Request a repair
    NTDW65AANortelNortel NTDW65AA Media CardRequest a repair
    NTDW65AAE5NortelNortel NTDW65AAE5Request a repair
    NTDW66AANortelNortel NTDW66AA CardRequest a repair
    NTDW70AAE5NortelNortel NTDW70AAE5Request a repair
    NTDW71AAE5NortelNortel NTDW71AAE5Request a repair
    NTDW72AAE5NortelNortel NTDW72AAE5 CS1000e PRI GatewayRequest a repair
    NTDW73AAE5NortelNortel NTDW73AAE5Request a repair
    NTDW75NortelNortel NTDW75Request a repair
    NTDW77AANortelNortel NTDW77AA CS1000 PRI GatewayRequest a repair
    NTDW78AAE5NortelNortel NTDW78AAE5Request a repair
    NTDW79AAE5NortelNortel NTDW79AAE5Request a repair
    NTDW79ABE5NortelNortel NTDW79ABE5Request a repair
    NTDW98AAE5NortelNortel NTDW98AAE5Request a repair
    NTDW99AANortelNortel NTDW99AAE5Request a repair
    NTDW99CANortelNortel NTDW99CARequest a repair
    NTEP14BANortelNortel NTEP14BA Passport 64/7440 Fan UnitRequest a repair
    NTEP26CANortelNortel NTEP26CA PPX7k Power Supply UnitRequest a repair
    NTEP66DANortelNortel NTEP66DA Passport 7740 ShelfRequest a repair
    NTEU10AANortelNortel NTEU10AARequest a repair
    NTEU10AAE5NortelNortel NTEU10AAE5Request a repair
    NTEU10ABNortelNortel NTEU10ABRequest a repair
    NTEU10QAE5NortelNortel NTEU10QAE5Request a repair
    NTEU11AANortelNortel NTEU11AARequest a repair
    NTEU12AANortelNortel NTEU12AARequest a repair
    NTEU13AANortelNortel NTEU13AARequest a repair
    NTEU15AANortelNortel NTEU15AARequest a repair
    NTEU15AAE5NortelNortel NTEU15AAE5Request a repair
    NTEU16QANortelNortel NTEU16QARequest a repair
    NTEU19AANortelNortel NTEU19AA EPL100Request a repair
    NTEU19CCNortelNortel NTEU19CCRequest a repair
    NTEU20AANortelNortel NTEU20AARequest a repair
    NTEU21AANortelNortel NTEU21AARequest a repair
    NTEU23AAE5NortelNortel NTEU23AAE5Request a repair
    NTEU23ABE5NortelNortel NTEU23ABE5 OM 4150Request a repair
    NTEU23DAE5NortelNortel NTEU23DAE5Request a repair
    NTEU25AANortelNortel NTEU25AARequest a repair
    NTEU25ABE5NortelNortel NTEU25ABE5Request a repair
    NTEU25CAE5NortelNortel NTEU25CAE5Request a repair
    NTEU25CBNortelNortel NTEU25CBRequest a repair
    NTEU25CBE5NortelNortel NTEU25CBE5Request a repair
    NTEU25DGNortelNortel NTEU25DGRequest a repair
    NTEU25DHNortelNortel NTEU25DHRequest a repair
    NTEU25DJNortelNortel NTEU25DJRequest a repair
    NTEU25GONortelNortel NTEU25GO OM 4200Request a repair
    NTEU40AANortelNortel NTEU40AARequest a repair
    NTEU41AANortelNortel NTEU41AARequest a repair
    NTEU54AAE6NortelNortel NTEU54AAE6Request a repair
    NTEU55AANortelNortel NTEU55AA Fan TrayRequest a repair
    NTEU59ACNortelNortel NTEU59ACRequest a repair
    NTEU85AANortelNortel NTEU85AARequest a repair
    NTEU86AANortelNortel NTEU86AARequest a repair
    NTEU87BANortelNortel NTEU87BARequest a repair
    NTEX00BBNortelNortel i2004 IP Phone - GreyRequest a repair
    NTEX00DA70E6NortelNortel Expansion Module for i2004 - BlackRequest a repair
    NTEX11AA70E6NortelPolycom 2033 IP Audio Conference Unit - No PIMRequest a repair
    NTEZ04AANortelNortel NTEZ04AA ITG-P CardRequest a repair
    NTFN33HBNortelNortel NTFN33HBRequest a repair
    NTFN91ABNortelNortel NTFN91AB PassportRequest a repair
    NTFN93ABNortelNortel NTFN93ABRequest a repair
    NTFT02BAE5NortelNortel NTFT02BAE5Request a repair
    NTFW01DBNortelNortel NTFW01DBRequest a repair
    NTFW01FBNortelNortel NTFW01FBRequest a repair
    NTHR16GANortelNortel NTHR16GA PassportRequest a repair
    NTHR17DANortelNortel NTHR17DARequest a repair
    NTHR25DGNortelNortel NTHR25DGRequest a repair
    NTHR50AANortelNortel NTHR50AA Passport 15k ShelfRequest a repair
    NTHR99EBNortelNortel MSS15000 One Shelf Universal CabinetRequest a repair
    NTHW01CANortelNortel NTHW01CARequest a repair
    NTHW01EANortelNortel NTHW01EARequest a repair
    NTHW01FANortelNortel NTHW01FARequest a repair
    NTHW05AGNortelNortel NTHW05AG PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW06BANortelNortel NTHW06BARequest a repair
    NTHW06CANortelNortel NTHW06CARequest a repair
    NTHW06DANortelNortel NTHW06DARequest a repair
    NTHW06EGNortelNortel NTHW06EGRequest a repair
    NTHW08AANortelNortel NTHW08AA PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW08BANortelNortel NTHW08BA PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW08CANortelNortel NTHW08CARequest a repair
    NTHW08CGNortelNortel NTHW08CG PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW08EGNortelNortel NTHW08EGRequest a repair
    NTHW15AANortelNortel NTHW15AA PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW15AGNortelNortel NTHW15AG PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW18BBNortelNortel NTHW18BBRequest a repair
    NTHW21ABNortelNortel NTHW21AB PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW26BGNortelNortel NTHW26BG PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW31ABNortelNortel NTHW31AB PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW44AANortelNortel NTHW44AA PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW46AANortelNortel NTHW46AARequest a repair
    NTHW46AGNortelNortel NTHW46AG PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW48AGNortelNortel NTHW48AG PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW49AGNortelNortel NTHW49AG PassportRequest a repair
    NTHW84AANortelNortel NTHW84AARequest a repair
    NTHW86CGNortelNortel NTHW86CGRequest a repair
    NTHW87ABNortelNortel NTHW87ABRequest a repair
    NTJS09DANortelNortel NTJS09DARequest a repair
    NTJS95ABNortelNortel NTJS95ABRequest a repair
    NTJS95AGNortelNortel NTJS95AGRequest a repair
    NTK505CAE5NortelNortel NTK505CAE5Request a repair
    NTK505DAE5NortelNortel NTK505DAE5Request a repair
    NTK505FBE5NortelNortel NTK505FBE5Request a repair
    NTK505LAE5NortelNortel NTK505LAE5Request a repair
    NTK507BBNortelNortel NTK507BBRequest a repair
    NTK507LBNortelNortel NTK507LBRequest a repair
    NTK513DANortelNortel NTK513DARequest a repair
    NTK513FAE5NortelNortel NTK513FAE5Request a repair
    NTK523BAE5NortelNortel NTK523BAE5Request a repair
    NTK523DAE5NortelNortel NTK523DAE5 - 10GBRequest a repair
    NTK527JAE5NortelNortel NTK527JAE5 - OC-192/STM-64Request a repair
    NTK530AANortelNortel NTK530AARequest a repair
    NTK530ABE5NortelNortel NTK530ABE5Request a repair
    NTK530MAE5NortelNortel NTK530MAE5Request a repair
    NTK535EAE5NortelNortel NTK535EAE5Request a repair
    NTK537JANortelNortel NTK537JARequest a repair
    NTK541PAE5NortelNortel NTK541PAE5Request a repair
    NTK555AANortelNortel NTK555AA OME 6500Request a repair
    NTK555AAE5NortelNortel NTK555AAE5Request a repair
    NTK555CAE5NortelNortel NTK555CAE5Request a repair
    NTK555FAE5NortelNortel NTK555FAE5 OME6500Request a repair
    NTK571CAE5NortelNortel NTK571CAE5Request a repair
    NTK579AANortelNortel NTK579AARequest a repair
    NTK583AAE6NortelNortel NTK583AAE6 XFP TransceiverRequest a repair
    NTK586CEE5NortelNortel NTK586CEE5Request a repair
    NTK599 BIPNortelNortel NTK599 BIPRequest a repair
    NTK599DANortelNortel NTK599DARequest a repair
    NTKD10AANortelNortel NTKD10AARequest a repair
    NTKD12AANortelNortel NTKD12AARequest a repair
    NTKD16AANortelNortel NTKD16AARequest a repair
    NTKD20AANortelNortel NTKD20AARequest a repair
    NTKD23AANortelNortel NTKD23AARequest a repair
    NTLW23DAE5NortelNortel NTLW23DAE5Request a repair
    NTLX89DANortelNortel NTLX89DARequest a repair
    NTMN31xx66NortelNortel 3901 Digital Phone - PlatinumRequest a repair
    NTMN31xx70NortelNortel 3901 Digital Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NTMN32xx66NortelNortel 3902 Digital Phone - PlatinumRequest a repair
    NTMN32xx70NortelNortel 3902 Digital Phone - BlackRequest a repair
    NTMN33xx66NortelNortel 3903 Digital Phone - PlatinumRequest a repair
    NTMN33xx70NortelNortel 3903 Digital Phone - CharcoalRequest a repair
    NTMN34xx66NortelNortel 3904 Digital Phone - PlatinumRequest a repair
    NTMN34xx70NortelNortel 3904 Digital Phone - CharcoalRequest a repair
    NTMN35xx66NortelNortel 3905 Digital Phone - PlatinumRequest a repair
    NTMN35xx70NortelNortel 3905 Digital Phone - CharcoalRequest a repair
    NTMN37BC66E6NortelNortel 3900 series KBA - Platinum (add-on)Request a repair
    NTMN37BC70NortelNortel 3900 series KBA - Charcoal (add-on)Request a repair
    NTMN67AA66NortelNortel 3900 series DBA - PlatinumRequest a repair
    NTMN67AC70NortelNortel 3900 series DBA - CharcoalRequest a repair
    NTMW03AANortelNortel NTMW03AARequest a repair
    NTN414AANortelNortel NTN414AARequest a repair
    NTN424BHNortelNortel NTN424BHRequest a repair
    NTN458RANortelNortel NTN458RARequest a repair
    NTND16AANortelNortel NTND16AA Multi Disk UnitRequest a repair
    NTNN01AANortelNortel NTNN01AA PassportRequest a repair
    NTNQ01AANortelNortel NTNQ01AARequest a repair
    NTNQ01AGNortelNortel NTNQ01AGRequest a repair
    NTNQ03AANortelNortel NTNQ03AARequest a repair
    NTNQ11AANortelNortel NTNQ11AARequest a repair
    NTNQ11AGNortelNortel NTNQ11AGRequest a repair
    NTNQ13AANortelNortel NTNQ13AARequest a repair
    NTNQ19AANortelNortel NTNQ19AARequest a repair
    NTNQ21AANortelNortel NTNQ21AARequest a repair
    NTNQ22AANortelNortel NTNQ22AARequest a repair
    NTNQ27AANortelNortel NTNQ27AARequest a repair
    NTNQ33HBNortelNortel NTNQ33HBRequest a repair
    NTNQ37AANortelNortel NTNQ37AARequest a repair
    NTNQ38AANortelNortel NTNQ38AARequest a repair
    NTNQ45AANortelNortel NTNQ45AARequest a repair
    NTNQ50AANortelNortel NTNQ50AARequest a repair
    NTNQ61AANortelNortel NTNQ61AARequest a repair
    NTNQ65AANortelNortel NTNQ65AARequest a repair
    NTNQ66AANortelNortel NTNQ66AARequest a repair
    NTNQ66AGNortelNortel NTNQ66AGRequest a repair
    NTNQ67AANortelNortel NTNQ67AARequest a repair
    NTNQ67AGNortelNortel NTNQ67AGRequest a repair
    NTNQ68AGNortelNortel NTNQ68AGRequest a repair
    NTNQ69BANortelNortel NTNQ69BARequest a repair
    NTNQ78BANortelNortel NTNQ78BARequest a repair
    NTNQ86AANortelNortel NTNQ86AARequest a repair
    NTNQ86AGNortelNortel NTNQ86AGRequest a repair
    NTNQ87AANortelNortel NTNQ87AARequest a repair
    NTNQ88AANortelNortel Passport 4 PORT MVPERequest a repair
    NTNQ89AANortelNortel NTNQ89AARequest a repair
    NTNQ90AGNortelNortel NTNQ90AGRequest a repair
    NTNQ91AANortelNortel NTNQ91AARequest a repair
    NTNQ91ABNortelNortel NTNQ91ABRequest a repair
    NTNQ92AGNortelNortel NTNQ92AGRequest a repair
    NTNQ93AANortelNortel NTNQ93AARequest a repair
    NTNQ93BANortelNortel NTNQ93BARequest a repair
    NTNQ93BGNortelNortel NTNQ93BGRequest a repair
    NTNQ94BANortelNortel NTNQ94BARequest a repair
    NTNQ95AANortelNortel NTNQ95AARequest a repair
    NTNQ95AGNortelNortel NTNQ95AGRequest a repair
    NTO481CAnortelnortel NTO481CARequest a repair
    NTO482ABNortelNortel NTO482AB PassportRequest a repair
    NTPM04AANortelNortel NTPM04AARequest a repair
    NTPM04ABE5NortelNortel NTPM04ABE5Request a repair
    NTPM04ACE5NortelNortel NTPM04ACE5Request a repair
    NTPM04ADE5NortelNortel NTPM04ADE5Request a repair
    NTPM04AENortelNortel NTPM04AERequest a repair
    NTPM04AFNortelNortel NTPM04AFRequest a repair
    NTPM04AHNortelNortel NTPM04AHRequest a repair
    NTPM17AAE5NortelNortel NTPM17AAE5Request a repair
    NTPM17ADE5NortelNortel NTPM17ADE5Request a repair
    NTPM17AEE5NortelNortel NTPM17AEE5Request a repair
    NTPM17AFE5NortelNortel NTPM17AFE5Request a repair
    NTPM17AGE5NortelNortel NTPM17AGE5Request a repair
    NTPM17AHE5NortelNortel NTPM17AHE5Request a repair
    NTPM17BANortelNortel NTPM17BARequest a repair
    NTPM17BBE5NortelNortel NTPM17BBE5Request a repair
    NTPM17BEE5NortelNortel NTPM17BEE5Request a repair
    NTPM17BFE5NortelNortel NTPM17BFE5Request a repair
    NTPM33BAE5NortelNortel NTPM33BAE5Request a repair
    NTPM35BAE5NortelNortel NTPM35BAE5Request a repair
    NTPN08AGNortelNortel NTPN08AG PassportRequest a repair
    NTPN27AGNortelNortel NTPN27AG PassportRequest a repair
    NTPN49AGNortelNortel NTPN49AG PassportRequest a repair
    NTPW0138NortelNortel NTPW0138Request a repair
    NTQA88DANortelNortel NTQA88DARequest a repair
    NTR651BSNortelNortel NTR651BSRequest a repair
    NTRB18AANortelNortel NTRB18AARequest a repair
    NTRB18CANortelNortel NTRB18CA MGate CardRequest a repair
    NTRB18CAE5NortelNortel NTRB18CAE5 MGate CardRequest a repair
    NTRB18DANortelNortel NTRB18DA MGate CardRequest a repair
    NTRB18DAE5NortelNortel NTRB18DAE5 MGate CardRequest a repair
    NTRB18DBE5NortelNortel NTRB18DBE5 MGate CardRequest a repair
    NTRB33AANortelNortel NTRB33AA Fiji CardRequest a repair
    NTRB33ADNortelNortel NTRB33AD Fiji CardRequest a repair
    NTRB33AFE5NortelNortel NTRB33AFE5 Fiji CardRequest a repair
    NTRB33BBE5NortelNortel NTRB33BBE5 Fiji CardRequest a repair
    NTRB34ABNortelNortel NTRB34ABRequest a repair
    NTRB53AANortelNortel NTRB53AA Clock ControllerRequest a repair
    NTRB53AAE5NortelNortel NTRB53AAE5 Clock ControllerRequest a repair
    NTRE39AANortelNortel NTRE39AA CardRequest a repair
    NTRE39AAE6NortelNortel NTRE39AAE6 CardRequest a repair
    NTRE40AAE6NortelNortel NTRE40AAE6Request a repair
    NTRH30AANortelNortel NTRH30AARequest a repair
    NTRH31AANortelNortel NTRH31AA Call Pilot 202iRequest a repair
    NTRH31ABE5NortelNortel NTRH31ABE5 Call Pilot 202iRequest a repair
    NTRH40AANortelNortel NTRH40AARequest a repair
    NTRH40CAE5NortelNortel NTRH40CAE5Request a repair
    NTRH9211E5NortelNortel NTRH9211E5 1005RRequest a repair
    NTRH9236NortelNortel NTRH9236Request a repair
    NTRH9245E5NortelNortel NTRH9245E5 PSURequest a repair
    NTRM22CANortelNortel NTRM22CA Meridan MailRequest a repair
    NTSK30ARNortelNortel Option 11 DaughterboardRequest a repair
    NTT801BANortelNortel NTT801BARequest a repair
    NTT801BAE5NortelNortel NTT801BAE5Request a repair
    NTT810BANortelNortel NTT810BAE5Request a repair
    NTT810CBE5NortelNortel NTT810CBE5Request a repair
    NTT810CENortelNortel NTT810CERequest a repair
    NTT810CHNortelNortel NTT810CHRequest a repair
    NTT830BAE5NortelNortel NTT830BAE5Request a repair
    NTT830DAE5NortelNortel NTT830DAE5Request a repair
    NTT830FAE5NortelNortel NTT830FAE5Request a repair
    NTT837BANortelNortel NTT837BARequest a repair
    NTT837CAE5NortelNortel NTT837CAE5Request a repair
    NTT839AANortelNortel NTT839AARequest a repair
    NTT839AAE5NortelNortel NTT839AAE5Request a repair
    NTT839BAE5NortelNortel NTT839BAE5Request a repair
    NTT861AJE5NortelNortel NTT861AJE5Request a repair
    NTT861BEE5NortelNortel NTT861BEE5Request a repair
    NTT862AAE5NortelNortel NTT862AAE5Request a repair
    NTT870AENortelNortel NTT870AERequest a repair
    NTT870AHNortelNortel NTT870AHRequest a repair
    NTT870AJNortelNortel NTT870AJRequest a repair
    NTT899CQE6NortelNortel NTT899CQE6Request a repair
    NTT899GCNortelNortel NTT899GCRequest a repair
    NTTC40BDNortelNortel NTTC40BDRequest a repair
    NTTK01AANortelNortel NTTK01AARequest a repair
    NTTK25AANortelNortel NTTK25AA CardRequest a repair
    NTTK25BANortelNortel NTTK25BA CardRequest a repair
    NTTK25CANortelNortel NTTK25CA CardRequest a repair
    NTTK25CAE5NortelNortel NTTK25CAE5 CardRequest a repair
    NTTP03CFNortelNortel NTTP03CFRequest a repair
    NTTP04CFNortelNortel NTTP04CF OC-12/IR-1 SFP TransceiverRequest a repair
    NTTP06AFNortelNortel NTTP06AF SFPRequest a repair
    NTTQ89AANortelNortel 4075 HandsetRequest a repair
    NTTQ90AGNortelNortel NTTQ90AG PassportRequest a repair
    NTTQ95AANortelNortel NTTQ95AA PassportRequest a repair
    NTUB01EAE5NortelNortel Call Pilot 202iRequest a repair
    NTUB10BANortelNortel Call Pilot 1002RRequest a repair
    NTUB11BANortelNortel Call Pilot 1002RRequest a repair
    NTUB27AANortelNortel NTUB27AA Raid for NTRH30Request a repair
    NTUB28AAE5NortelNortel NTUB28AAE5 Callpilot ServerRequest a repair
    NTUB28CAE5NortelNortel NTUB28CAE5Request a repair
    NTUB28CBE5NortelNortel Call Pilot 4.0 1005r v2 96 MPURequest a repair
    NTUB31ABE5NortelNortel NTUB31ABE5 CP600RRequest a repair
    NTUB73AAE5NortelNortel Call Pilot 1006RRequest a repair
    NTUB74AAE5NortelNortel Call Pilot 1006RRequest a repair
    NTUC32PPNortelNortel NTUC32PPRequest a repair
    NTUG75AANortelNortel NTUG75AARequest a repair
    NTUG90ANE5NortelNortel NTUG90ANE5Request a repair
    NTV750AAANortelNortel NTV750AAA ServerRequest a repair
    NTVQ01AANortelNortel Media Card NTVQ01AARequest a repair
    NTVQ01ABNortelNortel Media Card NTVQ01ABRequest a repair
    NTVQ01BANortelNortel NTVQ01BA Option 11 Media CardRequest a repair
    NTVQ01BBNortelNortel NTVQ01BB VMG Card - 32 Port AssemblyRequest a repair
    NTVQ01BBE5NortelNortel NTVQ01BBE5 VMG Card - 32 Port AssemblyRequest a repair
    NTVQ09ABNortelNortel NTVQ09AB NT Voice Processing ServerRequest a repair
    NTVQ55AANortelNortel NTVQ55AARequest a repair
    NTVQ80AANortelNortel NTVQ80AARequest a repair
    NTW048HBNortelNortel NTW048HBRequest a repair
    NXMUXS04NortelNortel NXMUXS04Request a repair
    NXMUXS08NortelNortel NXMUXS08Request a repair
    NXMUXS16NortelNortel NXMUXS16Request a repair
    NXWCC51CNortelNortel NXWCC51CRequest a repair
    NXWCC59CNortelNortel NXWCC59CRequest a repair
    NTY197AGNortelNortel NTY197AGRequest a repair
    NTYS02AAE6NortelNortel 1110E IP PhoneRequest a repair
    NTYS03AAE6NortelNortel 1120E IP PhoneRequest a repair
    NTYS05AAE6NortelNortel 1140E IP PhoneRequest a repair
    NTYS06AAE6NortelNortel 1150E IP PhoneRequest a repair
    NTYS07AAE6NortelNortel 1165E IP PhoneRequest a repair
    NTYS08AAE6NortelNortel 1100 Key Expansion Module - 18 keysRequest a repair
    NTYS18AB70E6NortelNortel 1210 IP PhoneRequest a repair
    NTYS19AA70E6NortelNortel 1220 IP PhoneRequest a repair
    NTYS20AC70E6NortelNortel 1230 IP PhoneRequest a repair
    NTYS23AA70E6NortelNortel 1200 Series Key Expansion Module - 18 keyRequest a repair
    NTZE84DAE5NortelNortel NTZE84DAE5Request a repair
    QPC139BNortelNortel QPC139BRequest a repair
    QPC412CNortelNortel QPC412CRequest a repair
    QPC414NortelNortel QPC414Request a repair
    QPC414CNortelNortel QPC414Request a repair
    QPC41ACNortelNortel QPC41AC CardRequest a repair
    QPC43RNortelNortel QPC43RRequest a repair
    QPC43RE5NortelNortel QPC43RE5Request a repair
    QPC441FNortelNortel QPC441FRequest a repair
    QPC441FE5NortelNortel QPC441FE5Request a repair
    QPC536ENortelNortel QPC536ERequest a repair
    QPC578DNortelNortel QPC578DRequest a repair
    QPC579ANortelNortel QPC579ARequest a repair
    QPC580CNortelNortel QPC580CRequest a repair
    QPC775ENortelNortel QPC775ERequest a repair
    QPC775FNortelNortel QPC775FRequest a repair
    QPC841CNortelNortel QPC841CRequest a repair
    QPC841DNortelNortel QPC841DRequest a repair
    SR2101022E5NortelNortel SR2101022E5Request a repair
    ST844AAE3AE5NortelNortel ST844AAE3AE5Request a repair
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