VTech 2-Line Contemporary SIP Cordless Phone

Part Number: CTM-S2421

Product features

  • Antibacterial plastic tested to inhibit 99.9% of bacteria growth
  • USB charging port makes it easy for guests to charge smart phones and other electronic devices
  • Cordless handset speakerphone
  • Remote configuration: program speed dials and other network parameters remotely from the server room to avoid disturbing guests
  • Three non-removable, programmable speed dials on handset
  • The flexibility to mix and match up to 3 accessory handsets or Petite Phones

Upgrade the guest experience with these stylish SIP phones. Cordless design gives guests more freedom, while antibacterial plastic protects them from germs. Mix and match phones to optimize space on the night stand, give guests more mobility or support guest safety.

Ghekko offer an extensive range of hotel phones. They are designed specifically for the hospitality sector, allowing staff and guests to communicate with ease.

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Please take a look at VTech Contemporary SIP Cordless Phone Data Sheet.

Models available:

Model No. CTM-S2421 / 2-Line Cordless Speakerphone / 10 Speed Dial Keys:

80-H0ST-00-000-10 - Silver and Black

80-H0AT-13-000-10 - Matte Black

80-H0AT-08-000-10 - Silver and Pearl

Model No. CTM-S2421 / 2-Line Cordless Speakerphone / 3 Speed Dial Keys:

80-H0AT-00-000-3 - Silver and Black

80-H0AT-13-000-3 - Matte Black

80-H0AT-08-000-3 - Silver and Pearl 

Model No. CTM-S2421 / 2-Line Cordless Speakerphone / Custom Speed Dial Keys:

80-H0AT-00-000-CC - Silver and Black

80-H0AT-13-000-CC - Matte Black

80-H0AT-08-000-CC - Silver and Pearl

Phone Type
- Hospitality phones
Number of lines
- 2
Phone features
- Cordless
Delivery options
- Worldwide shipping
- 1 year
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