Cisco Unified IP Video Phone 7985G

Part Number: CP-7985G=

Cisco Unified IP Video Phone 7985G (CP-7985G=) in stock at ghekko

Product features

  • Speakerphone or headset mode support
  • Five softkey buttons for access to telephony features
  • Four feature buttons to provide easy access to messages, directories, settings
  • Video-specific buttons
  • Button for displaying the lines of the video phone
  • One-button access to built-in online help

The Cisco Unified IP Video Phone 7985G (CP-7985G=) provides business quality video over the same data network that your computer uses. The Cisco Unified IP Video Phone 7985G, which is designed for the individual workspace, makes a video meeting as simple as a telephone call. The video phone provides the same softkey functionality and features as a Cisco Unified IP Phone, allowing you to place and receive calls, put calls on hold, transfer calls, make conference calls, and so on.

The Cisco IP Phone 7985G (CP-7985G=) also provides a color screen, support for up to eight line or speed dial numbers, context-sensitive online help for buttons and feature, and a variety of other sophisticated functions.

You must configure and manage the Cisco IP Phone 7985G like other network devices. The phone supports G.711, G.722, G.729, G.729b, G.729ab audio codecs and H.261, H.263 and H.264 video codes. 

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Phone Type
- IP
- Colour
- Speaker
- Mute
- Volume
- Headset
- History
- Message
Phone features
- Headset port
- Loudspeaker
- Volume controls
- Message waiting
- Global
Delivery options
- Worldwide shipping
- 1 year
Ghekko's services
- Buyback
- Repair
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