Teledex D series 2-line

Part Number: D2-Series

Product features

  • Single and Two-Line Telephone
  • Optional USB charging ports (2)*
  • Optional Speakerphone – Hands-free conversations*
  • Patented OneTouch voice mail retrieval*
  • Guest Service Keys – Up to ten for access to hotel services
  • Hidden Programming Key – Eliminates arbitrary reprogramming of autodial keys
  • ADA Handset Volume Boost – Three (3) distinct levels, compliant with HAC/VC and FCC requirements
  • Raised Red Message-Waiting Lens – Easily seen from any area in the guestroom

Message-Waiting Circuitry – Message Waiting will activate on high or low voltage; Guarantees operation of up to 7 phones for suite applications, with an extra-bright message-waiting lamp • Mute Key – Deactivates microphone during speakerphone and handset calls; a red LED indicates activation** • Speaker On/Off Key – With red LED for easy speakerphone activation* • Electronic 3-way Call Conference Function with LED indicator for convenient multi-line conversations*** • Hold Key – Places the active line on hold so the second line can be used or a conference call initiated*** • Hold Release Detection Circuit – Releases calls on hold when line is accessed by any telephone • Redial Key – Automatically redials the last number dialed (most models) • Flash Key (most models) • Textured Finish – Provides durable resistance against scratches and smudges • Full-Length Paper Faceplate – Allows user-friendly customization • Desk or Wall Mountable – Provides placement flexibility • Available in Ash or Black

Ghekko offer an extensive range of hotel phones. They are designed specifically for the hospitality sector, allowing staff and guests to communicate with ease.

Teledex D series Datasheet

Models available:

  • D200L2E Ash
  • D200L2E Black
  • D200L2S5E Ash
  • D200L2S5E Black
  • D200L2S5EU Ash
  • D200L2S5EU Black
  • D200L2S10E Ash
  • D200L2S10E Black
  • D200L2S10EU Ash
  • D200L2S10EU Black
  • D200L25E Ash
  • D200L25E Black
  • D200L210E Ash
  • D200L210E Black
Phone Type
- Hospitality phones
Number of lines
- 2
Delivery options
- Worldwide shipping
- 1 year
Phone features
- Corded
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