Jabra Pro 9460 Mono Touchscreen w/ base

Part Number: 9460-65-707-105

Product features

  • Crystal clear conversation even in noisy offices
  • Walk and talk up to 150m/490ft from the desk
  • Up to 10 hours’ talk time
  • Multi-device connectivity, flexibility and mobility
  • Secure DECT certified

A premium wireless headset with connectivity with up to three phones simultaneously to increase employee productivity.

Never miss a call: Our Jabra Pro 9400 Series is perfect for advisors, consultants, emergency services, lawyers, private bankers, real estate agents and traders who can’t afford to miss a call. 

Connects to up to 3 phones: Manage all your calls from one wireless headset. Works with desk phone, softphone, smartphone or tablet. 

Maximum wireless freedom: Wireless DECT technology lets you roam up to 150m/490 ft away from the desk, without dropping the call. Answer and end calls remotely while multitasking around the office. With up to 10 hours’ talk time, battery life is optimized to ensure important calls can be handled around the office throughout your working day.

Secure DECT certified: Secure DECT certified to protect against eavesdropping, the Pro 9400 Series is our most secure DECT wireless headset. The Jabra patented headset-to-base pairing process avoids risky pairing over the air to protect your conversations.

Outstanding sound quality: With best-in-class noise-cancellation and acoustic protection, your calls will sound great - even in the noisiest of offices.

Please contact us to request a quote for Jabra Pro 9460 Mono (9460-65-707-105), we will get back to you within 1 business day.

You can also take a look at our full range of Jabra products. We have in stock a large selection of headsets. Whether you are looking for duo, mono, hook, corded or cordless headsets, we can help! We have in stock many Jabra headsets with all the main features such as: Noise cancelling, Quick disconnect, Bluetooth...

We also offer accessories.

Ear Pieces
- Mono Headset
Connection Type
- Cordless
Charge time
- 2h
Delivery options
- Worldwide shipping
- 1 year
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