Ciena NTK762MA

Part Number: NTK762MA

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About Ciena 6500-T Series:

  • Ultra-high capacity requirements using less hardware via converged packet, OTN, and DWDM functions in a single platform
  • Significant power and space savings with support of 6Tb/s of capacity in less than half a rack and 12Tb/s per rack scaling to double the nodal capacity in the future
  • Leverages fully non-blocking ODU0 granular switching, with ODUFlex capabilities, to quickly respond to on-demand bandwidth needs with the most efficient use of network resources
  • Supports a modular photonic architecture, providing lowest first-in costs and pay-as-you grow benefits
  • Provides fully flexible wavelength routing without restrictions
  • Enables programmability with multilayer control plane offering ease-of-management advantages as well as a wide breadth of SLA offerings

The Ciena 6500 Family has been tailored to deliver flexibility and openness for a more adaptive network. It converges 3 comprehensive networking layers into one single platform and supports all the latest technology such as WDM, GigE and 100G ports, from metro to submarine applications.

 Its architecture supports transmission from 10G to 200G per wavelength. The 6500 Packet-Optical Platform offer a full flexibility and adapts to a wide variety of requirements. The advanced multi-layer security approach ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability data in the network.

With the ability to scale to Terabit/s switching per slot and flexibly route wavelengths without restriction across any one of 16 directions, the programmable 6500 T-Series configurations enable service providers to efficiently distribute customizable content to their end-users and provide an on-demand, superior customer experience.

Ghekko supply and repair the full range of Ciena OME 6500 including modules, chassis and transceivers. Please contact us to request a quote or more information about Ciena NTK762MA. We will get back to you within 1 business day.

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